Years of content marketing experience bring an abundant amount of knowledge and skills, but it can also ignite a bad case of tunnel vision that drives a few bad habits in your strategy. 

When you’re deep into your content marketing efforts, you might be totally unaware of problematic areas and practices that are weighing your campaign down. So we’re here to keep you grounded with four bad content marketing habits you’ve got to get rid of. Trust us, you’re better off without them. 

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1. Ignoring the User Experience

Is your navigation bar easy to locate and browse through? Is your content mobile-friendly? If you’re scratching your head, it looks like your content marketing efforts aren’t optimized for your audience—the people pivotal to the viability of your business. 

Fifty-two percent of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. It’s easy to think of content marketing as just content. But where your content lives and the kind of journey it provides to your customers is paramount in driving engagement. 

2. Trying to Be Trendy

Oh, snap, you think you’re so dope and chill that you’re flexing all this trendy talk? Well sorry, you’re not. You’ve probably heard this several times from teachers and mentors—don’t try to be something that you’re not. Even if your product/service is tailored towards youngsters, whipping out the “k00l kid on the block” lingo isn’t doing your content marketing efforts and brand any good. 

We’ve said this before, but consumers aren’t dumb. They can tell when you’re trying really hard to be that cool, yet out-of-touch uncle. And frankly, you’re just putting your brand in dangerous territory. So it’s well worth spending less time browsing through Urban Dictionary and investing more time honing an authentic brand voice. 

3. Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

Sometimes, content marketing strategies kick off strong and then simmer down over time. People get too comfortable, execute informal changes that create misalignment in their strategy, and/or pine for results that forgo quality for quantity. This can look like: 

  • Content that’s stuffed with keywords. 
  • Surface-level blog articles that fail to provide in-depth information and value. 
  • More promotional content/language than educational. 
  • Misleading with clickbait. 
  • Content you’ve written for yourself—not your audience

Failing to deliver quality to your target audience creates a gaping hole in your brand, loyalty, and credibility. And you won’t just be deemed as untrustworthy from people but from search engines. Remember, content is one of the 10 most important Google ranking factors

4. No Organization

There’s a ton of content out there on the web, so it’s no surprise that users are only reading 20 percent of your webpage. If you’ve got huge blocks of text that are burying essential key points and statistics, you’re not making that 20 percent count. You’re just scaring away your readers and compelling them to find another site to solve their problems. 

Convert More with High-Quality Content

Not everyone hits the mark when it comes to content marketing. But having a team of digital marketing experts can help you identify these pain points and steer you in the right direction. 

Rooted in integrity and quality relationships, Big Leap can be your trusted source of all things digital. We’ll get you started with a free strategy session where you’ll learn about what we can do for you. So be sure to contact us for guidance on creating an effective content marketing strategy for your audience and bottom line.

Janet Lee