When making the jump into search engine optimization (SEO) many businesses run into the decision whether to outsource their SEO work to a SEO firm or independent SEO specialist or hiring a full-time SEO specialist onto their team. As with any business decision, there are no easy answers here. The decision to hire a SEO specialist or outsource your SEO work really depends on your situation. As much as we wish outsourcing SEO work to SEO specialists was the only answer, there are instances where you may be better off hiring a full-time search engine optimization specialist. Here’s a breakdown of pro’s and con’s and what your best option is for different scenarios.

Adding a SEO Specialist to Your Team

Benefits: You have a dedicated specialist to focus on your business’ needs. They can take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business and work alongside your web development team. Ultimately, you have a little more control. Hiring a SEO specialist for the long term will help you stay on top of your industry for years to come.

When you need to hire a full-time SEO specialist: The decision mostly comes down to what your goals are and what type of business you are running. If you are running a business where your Internet sales bring in a good portion of your income, you may need a SEO specialist working for you full-time. It may be a little more expensive on a yearly basis but you need constant SEO being performed on your site to maintain your top positioning in the search engines.

Outsourcing SEO

Benefits: Outsourcing your SEO can save you a whole lot of time and money. Most business owners have their hands full. Hiring a SEO specialist and bringing them into your company can take a decent amount of time and money. When outsourcing your SEO work, you may be able to get a team of SEO experts instead of just a single full-time SEO specialist.

When you should outsource your SEO work: Many small businesses don’t even have a full-time web designer. If you only have the funds for a limited amount of employee’s, you should probably be outsourcing your SEO work to a SEO firm or independent SEO specialist. Some businesses may have the funds to support a web development and SEO team but if your site is mostly informational and you don’t run an e-commerce site, you will probably be better off outsourcing your SEO. Search engine optimization isn’t a one time deal but if your industry isn’t very competitive online, a strong campaign can be enough to maintain good search engine results for quite some time

Making this SEO decision can be crucial for your business. The key to making the most of your Internet marketing budget is efficiency. Make the choice that is going to be the most efficient for your type of business.

Bryan Phelps