Back in the 1990’s, many people believed by 2010 we would have flying cars. Not only do we not have flying cars, we are still using gas to operate them, and paying $3.00 a gallon! So, those people that predicted that we would have flying cars were wrong, or at least a little off on their date.
Predicting the future is a very difficult thing to do, but if your prediction is correct, it could pay off BIG time for you. What impact do you see the internet and search engines having in 2020?
If I was a betting man, I would bet that mobile phones/PDA’s will have a huge impact on the internet, search engines, and strategic internet marketing in 10 years from now. PDA usage has increased every year, and it continues to increase even with the economy how it is. And with the increase in PDA usage comes an increase in users searching the internet on their phone. Mobile phone browsing will increase enough to make it worth it to make your website more mobile phone friendly.
Because many advertisers don’t realize the potential in mobile search, CPC rate’s are very cheap and affordable.
Mobile search may not take over the search engine world, but it will continue to grow. Why not take advantage now?

Adam Jackson