A brand new section is now showing up in the Local Knowledge Panel in Google Search Results when searching for Local Businesses.  Even though this new section is just barely starting to show up it is already becoming an under-utilized gem that has the potential to help countless businesses to succeed.  What is this new valuable feature that is going unused?  It’s the Google My Business Posts!

Local Knowledge Panel

The Basics

The main reason that these posts are going unused is because most businesses don’t know much about this new feature nor how to properly utilize them.  The Posts for Google My Business are conveniently located in the Local Knowledge Panel just below the general business information and are represented with an image with text directly below it.  The posts provide a great opportunity to draw additional attention to products and/or services that a business may offer.  It is also an opportunity to entice people that are interested in the business that they are looking at.



The suggested size for the image in the post is 750 pixels by 750 pixels.  With that being said, nothing smaller than 250 pixels by 250 pixels is permitted.  The images used in the GMB posts are also limited to image types such as a JPG or PNG while it currently does not support animated GIFs nor videos.  (It is always likely in the future it could be permitted, but as of date it is restricted)



Right below the image in the post, is the written description.  In Google My Business, it states that the descriptions are limited to 300 words.  When tested with filler words, the Create A Post in Google My Business allowed 227 words that equaled 1500 characters.  Out of the “300 words” limit, roughly the first 100 characters are displayed in the Local Knowledge Panel.



The actionable hyperlink, more commonly known as a button in Google My Business Post is displayed below the description inside of the Local Knowledge Panel.  When the actual post is clicked on in the Local Knowledge Panel the hyperlink is displayed as a button.  Google My Business provides the following buttons to choose from:

  • Learn more
  • Reserve
  • Sign up
  • Buy
  • Get offer

All of these buttons, when clicked on, lead to a URL that is entered into Google My Business.

While practically any post can be displayed, it does, however, come with some limitations, including time.  A Post is typically displayed for the duration of seven days.  The only exception is if the post is an event.  In that case, a post can be created in anticipation with an end date and time which surpasses the seven day limitation.  Also, keep in mind, that the most recent post is displayed first.  There is also a limit on how many posts can be viewed in the Local Knowledge Panel slideshow, which cannot exceed ten posts.



Because sharing is caring, posts can also be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+.  There is also an option to share the posts through email or a shortened link provided by Google.  The shortened link to the posts can be shared on other social media platforms that aren’t provide or by other means.  Lastly there is also an option to Report the Post, which now days is more like a placebo effect.



Even though the posts may have a duration of seven days, with the exception of events, Google My Business records basic information about the posts even after it has been removed from the Local Knowledge Panel.  It reveals the views as how many times the Posts were seen in the Local Knowledge Panel in the Search Results while the Engagement shows the amount of clicks the buttons has received.  The date the posts were posted are also displayed.  There is an option as well to delete the post and its statistical information.

Google My Business Post


Local Knowledge Panels are a great way for businesses to get discovered in Google Search Results with the assistance of Google My Business.  With the introduction of the Google My Business Posts, the possibilities are practically endless for a business to succeed!  Adding Posts on a frequent basis can be a challenge, but in the end can add value to businesses for the promoting of their services or products.

See how Google My Business posts should fit into the big picture of your local SEO strategy and visit our google SEO starter guide.

Nathan Somsen