Online reviews provide key insight into customer satisfaction and areas where your company is thriving, as well as areas that could use a bit more attention. The information gathered from consumer reviews is invaluable to many aspects of your business, from the marketing and sales teams, down to the employee implementing day-to-day tasks. We’ll discuss different points on how to get online reviews.

1-Put Your Business On Popular Review Sites

Technology plays such a critical role in business operations but also in how your business interacts with its customers. Simply type your business name in to google and many google online reviews will pop up following it. These reviews, as well as many others, impact your business reputation. Online business reviews are becoming increasingly popular and a source of information for many consumers or potential consumers. With this being said you need to make sure your business is on popular review sites so that it gives customers a chance to give online reviews, and it helps lend credibility to your business. Some of the more popular review sites include Google My Business, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yellow Pages.

2- Remind Your Customers They Have The Option

Often times your customers just need to be reminded that they have the option to give your business a review. This can be done through various channels including social media. Post which review sites your business is listed on and have a call to action that invites them to leave a review. You can also have your employees remind customers when they are purchasing products that they have the option of reviewing your business on popular review sites. Consider putting the logos of the review sites you are targeting in a window where customers will see it when entering and leaving your business.

When you are encouraging your customers to leave reviews, it’s important that you don’t come across as bribing them or asking them for false reviews. You simply want to educate them that they have the option of leaving a review and it is entirely up to them what kind of review they leave. If you try to solicit positive reviews only it may do more harm than good as it will become apparent you are targeting only positive reviews.

3- Incorporate It Into Your Customer Service & Support Strategy

If you have a customer support line, whether that be via chat or phone, it’s a great opportunity for your employees to offer the customer an option of leaving a review. If your customer service team is helping your customers resolve their problems in a timely manner, you may get a positive review about how great your customer service team is etc. Of course, you run the risk of a frustrated customer leaving a bad review. However, these can still be opportunities if you respond quickly and in a positive manner to further try to resolve the issue. It will help lend credibility and authority to the reviews that are being left for your business, and it will show that you are willing to help your customers resolve problems.

No matter which of the above strategies you decide to take, you need to make it easy. Simplify the process for your customers to get to review sites as much as you can. Provide links directly to your business on different review platforms and make it as simple as you can. The easier it is, the more likely people will be to complete the reviews.

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