SaaS companies are in an interesting spot when it comes to interacting/connecting with their audience. Rather than having customers visit a physical location to buy the product, SaaS companies give virtual software demos, which presents a small window for face-to-face communication. With this situation in mind, how does a SaaS company establish a genuine relationship with potential and current customers alike? Well, if you guessed content marketing, you are correct!

Well thought out, thoroughly researched, and uniquely created content for SaaS companies can go a long way to establish credibility and a channel that truly brings value to SaaS companies. Understanding how to deliver quality content to a SaaS audience will drive more customers to your business. In this post we will discuss the steps of ideation, research, and creation and how each phase is vital to a successful content marketing campaign.



When beginning to create a content marketing plan for your company, think about the buyer’s journey:

  1. Awareness – the recognition of a problem
  2. Consideration – problem is defined and solutions to the problem are researched
  3. Decision – a solution to the problem is chosen

Hubspot Buyer's Journey

Source: Hubspot

The above illustration depicts a person going through the buyer’s journey upon realizing that they have caught the flu. It begins with realizing there is a problem, finding out what the problem is and how to solve it, and then deciding on which solution will best solve the problem.

It is important to understand that not all customers are in the same stage of the buyer’s journey. Successful content marketing for SaaS companies means that wherever your potential customer is in the buyer’s journey, your company has content that is ready and tailored to answer or solve the problem that they face. For example, imagine that you make order management software for an online retailer. A potential customer looking for a solution to order management asks, “How can I better manage all of the orders I get on my site?” As an order management software company, you should create content that addresses that specific question, as it is in the awareness stage. The same concept applies to the other parts of the buyer journey.

Now let’s get into ideation. Ask these questions when trying to figure out what ideas work best for content marketing:

  • What types of problems does my software solve?
  • Are people looking for a solution to this specific problem that we solve?
  • Are there misconceptions about the solution to a specific problem?
  • Is a solution to this problem a priority in my audience’s mind?

While there are other questions a SaaS company could ask, the above questions can be a guide in developing the right ideas for the right content pieces.



It is vital that sufficient research go into creating content that is appealing, informative, and highly valuable to the target audience. Start out by learning more about your target audience. One great way to do this is through creating a buyer persona. For great tips on building a buyer persona, check out Hubspot’s guide, How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business.

The more you know about your ideal customer and target audience, the better your content will be. SaaS companies will likely find that there are numerous topics that can be addressed, depending on the software solution you offer. Take some time to find out what your audience is searching for in relation to the problem your software solves.

There are a number of tools available on the web that make this research rather simple. Here are a few tools that will help guide the research:

Use these tools to get insights into the topics you choose to focus on. The advantage of using these tools is that the data gives you real-world insights into what people are searching for and reading when it comes to specific topics.



Now comes the fun part: creating and writing the content that your audience will interact with! This is where you can design and write something truly unique that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. If your content is not unique, then it is less likely that your audience will want to engage with your product or service in the end.

You know what problems you solve and what solutions/questions you answer at each part of the buyer’s journey. You have the insights as to what your target audience is searching for in relation to the problems you solve. Now, you can get creative!

What do we mean by creative? It means not limiting your SaaS company’s content marketing to just blog posts or social media. Create infographics, quizzes, webinars, videos and more! Always keep in mind the top priority of answering the question or solving the problem at hand.

Now, perhaps your company has content already created that is performing well. If you know that your content is being consumed by your target audience, then improving the content can drive even more traffic to your company. Check out our tips on driving business and increasing ROI with content repurposing.

Remember to keep messaging, design, and language consistent across all content pieces. As your audience moves through the buyer’s journey, it is vital that the content they consume is consistent in language, design, and objectives.

Vidyard Video Content Stat

Source: Vidyard

When content marketing is creating with consistency, the more and more comfortable the audience will be with consuming the content. When the audience is receiving answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, the more likely they are to subscribe to your service!


Win with Content Marketing

The vital steps of content ideation, research, and creation can bring great success and growth to SaaS companies. Be sure to have an intimate understanding of the problems your software solves. Understand what questions your audience has. And give specific answers in a unique way that they can’t find anywhere else.

Content marketing can be a huge success through these three steps. If done the right way, you can gain a loyal following when your audience recognizes the value of your content. Get started with Big Leap’s content marketing services and start implementing a strategy right away.

McCain Kennedy