Blogging, short for web log, is a new form of media that has swept the world over the past several years, and it is continuing to gain momentum. Technorati said that on average a new blog is being created every second. So you better jump on this wagon before you have lost your chance, hopefully these blogging tips will help.

1. The first blogging tip for your company blog is to talk about more than yourself. No one wants to read posts when you just blab about how great your company is. Talk about your industry and share info that people will find interesting.

2. Stay focused on something, in other words choose a niche. General blogs may get a little more traffic but the quality of those visits will be lower than a niche blog.

3. Don’t be afraid to give your company blog personality. Every office has its own culture, now reflect that in your blog, people can tell if your sincere.

4. Another very important factor is to share exclusive and valuable content with your visitors, like promotions or tour dates. If you don’t make their visit worth while, they wont be back.

5. Remember to update with fresh content often, daily is preferred. If possible coincide your posts with events that are relevant to your industry. This is not only important for driving traffic but also for search engine optimization.

6. The last of the blogging tips is to make your posts as interactive as possible, anyone with an understanding of advertising understands the importance of this. Research suggests that posts that include text, images and video are the most likely to be read.

Adam Jackson