One of the largest mistakes made by web writers is that they simply take printed material from a company and post it online as content for their website. Print materials use a specific style of language that is effective in print materials only. In order to capture a reader’s interest on the web, it takes completely different style of language all together.

Print materials typically use sales language. Good sales language works on print materials and does help spread information.

However, web users tend to avoid sales language whenever possible unless they are specifically looking for something to purchase. If they run into excessive sales language on a website they will immediately return to the previous page and leave the website. It does not matter how much traffic a site receives if the reader turns around after a first glimpse of the site.

Web writing should draw people in and keep them on the website. The writer needs to pique their interest so that they will come back to the website.

In order to produce effective online content means that the print materials of a company simply cannot be used. This concept may be difficult to explain to various companies, but the effort will be worth their time.

Adam Jackson