google lighthouse

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Lighthouse Audits

If you have a website, you should be running regular audits on it to ensure that it’s performing the way you want it to. Audits can help flag everything from duplicate content to changes in position ranking to errors that are keeping your site from being crawlable, so they’re essential to helping you optimize your […]

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effective funnel graphic

How to Keep Your Funnel Clear While Building Content

Content marketing might seem like the most simple, straightforward platform out there. You start a blog, you set your goals, you create a strategy, and then you write the content. While it may sound easy, it’s common for brands to work hard to develop a strong strategy for their content marketing (or pay someone to […]

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content framework graphic

How to Create the Best Framework for Content

Content marketing is much, much more than just sitting down in front of your computer and writing whatever you feel like. It’s also about a lot more than even just writing what you think other people might find interesting. True content marketing needs to be strategic and personalized based on your business’s specific goals.   […]

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Looking at analytics on a computer

The Best KPIs for Content Marketing in 2019

Certain types of marketing or advertising campaigns can feel relatively cut and dry, even with factors like complicated attribution tossed into the mix. Google Ads, for example, will show you exactly how many clicks an ad got, what terms were used, how much you paid, and whether or not the user convert. Boom, nice and […]

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Local SEO: [The Ultimate How-To Guide]

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes online, you might enter the term “running shoes” into the search bar. You don’t care where they come from (brand or location) as long as they meet your criteria of aesthetics, affordability, and function. Now let’s say that a pipe bursts and you need to find a […]

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