If you’ve read our piece on the 10 Reasons Why Your Conversion Rates Suck and had a reverberating voice in your mind saying, “that’s me…”, don’t worry. We’ve got everything you need to help sweep those pain points out of your way. 

Whether your messaging needs some tweaking (or okay, maybe a lot) or you need to realign your target audience, by taking advantage of the following four marketing automation opportunities, you can be well on your way to refining your digital marketing efforts. So let’s roll up those sleeves and get those leads down the marketing funnel.

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1. Follow Up on Your Leads ASAP

Your chances of qualifying a lead are 100 times lower if you wait to connect in 30 minutes versus the first five minutes. As a business, the speed at which you respond to incoming leads is crucial. After all, why would a prospective customer choose you if you’re not acknowledging their interest or questions in a timely manner? 

With marketing automation, you can close these time gaps. Your team can set up automatic email responses, add leads to automatic email sequences and send personalized messages to prospective customers immediately after they take specific actions. 

2. Segment Your Contact List

While you’re closing that response gap, you’ll probably notice that leads lie in various stages of the marketing funnel. So how do you organize all of this? Time to get a spreadsheet going, right? Nope! Marketing automation can take care of this too.  

Marketing automation platforms allow you to organize and divide your subscribers and leads based on specific criteria (e.g. location, industry, purchasing history, engagement history, etc.). With all of your prospects grouped, you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of who your leads are and whether your team should realign your target persona. Better yet, you can use this segmentation to nurture your leads through customized messages, which brings us to our next point. 

3. Personalize Your Messages

Marketers who segment their email lists experience 39 percent higher open rates, 28 percent lower unsubscribe rates and 24 percent better deliverability. Why? Higher quality content. Thanks to segmentation, you can: 

  • Use your criteria to create lead-nurturing emails. Your team can send a series of targeted and personalized emails to the right people at the right time. Not only will you establish rapport, but you’ll also garner four to 10 times more response rates than you would with standalone emails.
  • Send prospective customers to specific pages of your site. Are your leads in the decision-making process? Maybe you can include a link to your case studies or product page. And if you’re sending an email out to your leads in the awareness stage, you can provide a link to your blog page. Mapping out clear routes like this in their buying journey can make conversions faster and easier. 
  • Craft clear, compelling, and specific calls-to-action (CTAs). By understanding exactly which stage your audience is at, you can create specific CTAs that will encourage them to jump over to the next stage. Take digital sales and marketing company, iMPACT, for example. When iMPACT personalized their CTA button copy, they experienced a 78.5 percent boost in conversions

4. Measure, Tweak, and Measure Some More

Let’s not forget the importance of data in digital marketing. Data helps us improve and make solid decisions. So it’s a no-brainer that 40 percent of brands are increasing their data-driven marketing budgets.  

By tracking the activities of your leads and your team through your marketing automation platform, you can collect valuable data to help determine: 

  • Whether or not your messages need fine-tuning. Maybe you need to incorporate a different tone or language. Or heck, maybe your messages are spot on and generating a lot of conversions! Either way, it’s good to know this to take proper action.
  • Which group of leads is converting the most. Is it your leads from XX source or who’ve purchased XX products in the past? Whichever group it is, take note of the strategies involved that you can to expand on and use for your other leads.
  • Where exactly are your leads dropping off/abandoning the journey? Is it on your landing page? Maybe your team needs to make adjustments on the page to better meet visitors’ needs, or maybe the CTA in your email that links to the page needs some more massaging.
  • Which CTAs/action buttons are generating the most clicks. You’ll get a better idea of what your audience is seeking and the tone/voice you should go for in future campaigns. 

Level up Your Marketing Game with Big Leap

Marketing automation helps you connect with more people on a more personal level. And a large component of this is setting up your software with the proper dashboards and reports that reflect the priorities of your business. This is where we can lend a hand. Reach out to our marketing automation experts at Big Leap to discover what we can do to boost your lead conversion and feed your bottom line.

Janet Lee