Tim Eyre

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Eyre worked as the director of paid search at a local internet marketing agency then moved on to manage the interactive marketing team at Extra Space Storage. From there, he was hired to launch many digital initiatives at Vivint including paid search, organic and local search amongst other programs.

Tim left Vivint to join the Big Leap team, where he oversees many of the company’s operations, team training and development, as well as all paid media channels. He loves all sides of internet marketing but has a soft spot for paid search. He enjoys continuously increasing his knowledge by teaching himself new skills. Tim is known around the office for coming up with nicknames for team members including his own: T-Mo.

Tim received his education from Arizona State University and Utah Valley University. He currently lives in Lehi with his wife and three children. He’s an avid sports fan and loves to watch games in his spare time.