How & When to Properly Do a 404 Redirect

Have you ever gone to a website looking for a product or service only to receive an error message, halting your search? This error message is an HTTP status code. HTTP status codes are three-digit codes, which range from 100-500s, each with a specific purpose.

Not all status codes result in site errors, and HTTP status […]

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HTTP v HTTPS: What’s the Difference?

Security has continued to be one of the biggest concerns for people on the internet, and rightfully so. We share A LOT of information on the internet today. From purchasing household items on Amazon to checking our bank accounts, odds are that you have entered credit card information or entered your bank account PIN to […]

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What Are URL Parameters And How To Take Advantage Of Them?

Parameters are an integral part of how sites, and by association, their URLs, are structured. URL parameters are some of the main ways that content can be filtered, organized, and presented to the user. Due to their ability to also serve as tracking information, they are also an excellent tool in the hands of qualified […]

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What is Fetch & Render with Googlebot?

When working on building up the best website, you think so much about what your audience wants and needs. If you’re an e-commerce site you try and make your descriptions as optimized as possible while simultaneously providing information on how great your product is. If you’re an information site, you try to make your site […]

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How to Use Search Console to Your Advantage

History of Webmaster Tools & Search Console
Google released Webmaster Tools to the public in 2006. According to Google’s Official Blog, the tool was originally launched with the goal “to reach as many webmasters as possible in order to help them create more search engine friendly sites”. The end goal was to help webmasters and SEOs […]

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(Update) 5 Tips for Google’s New Meta Title Guidelines in 2018

December 20th, 2017 Google Update:
Google has recently expanded the character length of meta descriptions to 320 characters. You’ll notice a change in the SERP’s, where instead of there being 2 lines of a meta description, there can be 4-6 lines of meta description length. Make sure to look through your meta-data and update it as […]

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How to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Effective marketing begins and ends with the consumer. So how do you engage with your consumer frequently in today’s fast-paced world? Simple, you create an integrated marketing campaign.

An integrated marketing campaign is a strategy of delivering a consistent message about your brand over many channels. Similar to SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Content Marketing, you […]

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Pushing Okay-Ranking Content Over the Edge

We all have that problem as SEOs where we have been working for months trying to get first page rankings for certain keywords. Back in the “black-hat” days, we would just order thousands of links with a certain anchor-text, and boom! A first-class ticket to the first page of the SERPs.

Now…welcome to 2017 where […]

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E-commerce Keyword Research: How to Identify & Implement High Converting Keywords


Optimizing an e-commerce site for SEO purposes can be a daunting task. Especially if you have a large number of products and pages, you may wonder where to begin or what keywords to choose. Additionally, you may wonder how to choose keywords that will actually bring sales along with web traffic. Here are three tips […]

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The Importance of Great Communication in Business & 3 Ways to Improve It


I don’t know who initially told this story, but I remember hearing it in my youth. Please let me know where the credit should go if anybody knows.

A father and his young son were out in the garage getting it cleaned out for spring. The boy eventually tired of cleaning and wanted to play in […]

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