Increase in Overall Organic Traffic
Increase in Overall Organic Traffic
Keyword Positions Gained
Keyword Positions Gained
First Page Rankings
First Page Rankings



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Increase in organic footprint and content strategy

Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, which is why many businesses don’t take the right measures in guarding their information. But with global connectivity and cloud services rapidly evolving as we speak, it’s become more crucial than ever to protect our data. How do we monitor and manage this highly complex ecosystem with its myriad of regulations? This is where Totem comes in.

A veteran-owned business with over a decade of experience securing IT systems for the U.S. Government and private entities, Totem is dedicated to educating and providing military-grade cybersecurity and compliance management tools. Understanding that smaller-scale organizations are often hit the hardest, their passion lies in helping and protecting small- and medium-sized businesses.

In 2019, Totem approached Big Leap after launching their new site. With zero SEO footprint, they wanted to establish and build their online presence to gain visibility and help more businesses execute safe work practices. Our SEO experts worked closely with Totem to develop a customized strategy that produced a significant growth in keyword rankings and a 3000% overall increase in organic traffic during an eight-month period.

Read on about how Big Leap helped Totem start from scratch and effectively build their online presence. Be sure to contact our Digital Marketing experts to see how we can help drive traffic to your business.


To establish Totem’s footprint in the digital landscape, our Digital Marketing team at Big Leap focused on three strategies: link-building, content ideation, and keyword optimization.

Link-Building Through Strategy & Collaboration

Since Big Leap was working with a fresh site, our SEO experts dove into enhancing Totem’s online presence by optimizing their metadata, fixing site errors, and link-building. We reached out to different blogs and sites to help raise the number and quality of inbound links and build these links around specific keywords and anchor texts.

Built An Influential Presence Through Content Strategy

After conducting a meticulous site audit, our Content Strategy team launched a content ideation plan that involved extensive research on the industry and keyword optimization. Since there are many changes that occur in the cybersecurity industry, this required vigilantly keeping up with the changing tides by consistently staying up-to-date with industry news and strategizing new content ideas.

Harnessed the Power of Longer Tail Keywords

With the understanding that specificity is key in achieving better targeted traffic, Big Leap focused on creating variances around keywords and implementing longer tail keywords that illuminated Totem’s services. Not only did this help add value to their content, but it also strengthened their potential in ranking higher and connecting with smaller businesses.

The Results

By incorporating Big Leap’s creative and focused strategies, Totem saw a significant growth in keyword rankings and organic traffic. They increased 3,233 positions with 35 keywords ranking on the first page. Since their site launch, their overall growth went from zero to having 677 keywords ranking.

And it doesn’t stop there–Totem’s organic traffic skyrocketed with a 2,860% increase in organic sessions, 3,625% in organic users, and a 2,316% increase in organic pageviews. With these results, Totem has been able to establish a solid foothold in the cybersecurity space, consistently generating two to five quality leads a day.

Kick Off Your Customized Strategy Today

Just like cybersecurity should be prioritized, so should your SEO strategy. And it’s not simply about incorporating SEO tactics; it’s about carrying out the right strategies that are specifically tailored to your business. So be sure to contact us to see how our digital marketing experts can craft a customized strategy to help your business gain traction and visibility.


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