The Project

Qzzr is a one-of-a-kind online quiz tool that allows you to create beautiful, custom quizzes. Qzzr stands out in the content tool industry because of its ease of use and its unique features, such as lead generation analytics, white label options, and custom design features.Qzzr has seen phenomenal success in a short period of time, with big name customers like Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Ogilvy, Marketo, and more. They’ve been featured by everyone from TechCrunch, to Fortune, to

As an agency we’ve been using Qzzr since it launched to create engaging, custom quizzes for our clients. We love the platform and are quick to recommend it to others. So when Qzzr came to us concerned with their search engine performance, we were honestly surprised. How could such a popular product not be ranking higher?

Through a thorough technical SEO audit, we were able to work with the Qzzr team to identify and resolve a number of key issues that were holding Qzzr back from seeing their true search engine potential.

The Strategy

First, we needed to do a deeper dive to assess the situation. We started with a thorough keyword research project and identified over 300 highly relevant terms that Qzzr should be ranking for.

We found that Qzzr ranked on the first page for only 5 of those 300 keywords. Knowing that Qzzr is one of the most popular quiz tools out there, this backed up their concerns and led us to conduct a full technical SEO audit.

With our experience conducting many technical audits over the years, we jumped into our technical SEO audit and began looking for the cause of Qzzr’s ranking troubles. For the next few weeks following the audit, the Big Leap team worked hand-in-hand with the Qzzr development and marketing teams to resolve these issues and take advantage a few other opportunities.

Search engines often struggle to know the original source of content when it is duplicated within a site or on external sites. The quizzes on had been duplicated in several places. Fixing this duplicate content issue helped search engines know that was the original source of content.
Over the last couple of years, Qzzr has changed domains. After auditing their previous domains, we found some opportunities to clean up their redirect mappings and ensure that all the value built up on their prior domain was being passed to their new domain.

Qzzr’s website is unique from your average corporate website in that they host 1000s of quizzes that its users create. This can create some unique technical SEO issues. Prior to our audit, search engines had a difficult time crawling the content on these quizzes. Those 1000s of unique pages all looked similar and likely set off some flags because they could have been perceived as thin or low-quality content.

The crew at Big Leap has been an awesome resource on the technical SEO front. They dug in to truly understand our business and adjusted their reports to give us visibility to the metrics that matter most to us. If companies need the help of an expert on the technical SEO front, they should engage Big Leap. Together, we’ve been building our marketing site into an inbound lead generating powerhouse.
Owen Fuller
Chief Evangelist

The Results

When we started our work with Qzzr, there were only 5 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions. Now, Qzzr is ranking for 130 keywords on the first page. As you can see from the charts, they’ve seen massive ranking improvements in just eight short months.

According to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, their organic search traffic has more than doubled and is continually driving new, qualified users to their quiz platform.

The team at Qzzr is one of the most creative groups of people in the business. By partnering with Big Leap to manage some of the more technical details of their site, Qzzr can focus on growing their business and developing innovative, new ideas.

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