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B2B SEO Case Study with Nutraceutical

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Project Overview

Keyword Ranking Positions
Improvement in Site Speed
Growth in Page Views
Industry B2B Nutraceuticals
Value Provided Increased site performance, rankings, and traffic.

Project Overview

Running a website comes with a lot of moving parts. When a certain nutraceutical company developed their new website, they realized it wasn’t gaining any traffic or even showing up in any keyword rankings. On top of that, their website had incredibly delayed loading times, which was costing them potential business opportunities. They approached Big Leap in August of 2018 to help optimize their new website.

Big Leap always works with our clients to ensure their needs are beyond satisfied. Over the course of this project, we enhanced their website to significantly decrease load time and boosted their content with target keywords, which helped them successfully rank in over 80 keywords.

Read on to get a glimpse of the strategies we used to increase this company’s website traffic. You can also contact Big Leap and learn how we can improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.


Our Strategy

Increased Site Speed for an Optimized Conversion Rate

Slow loading times can be the death of any website and business. If a customer has to wait more than just a few seconds for your web page to load, they’ll go somewhere else to meet their needs. When we started working with this company, their website load time was 10.6 seconds on desktop and over 56 seconds on mobile devices.

Our SEO experts collaborated with our web development team to wade through their website with a proverbial fine-tooth comb and identify areas in desperate need for a tune-up. After an initial analysis, our team found that we could improve the site by swapping out under-performing plugins, making specific performance optimizations, and reformatting image sizes and web page layouts for faster load times, among other methods.

Optimized Landing Pages and Strategized New Page Topics

We all know the importance of SEO when trying to improve organic reach. If you rank high enough on search engines, people are more likely to trust that your content will meet their needs. This website was not ranking in a single keyword, nor was the copy pulling in any website visitors. So we worked to change that by creating valuable, keyword-rich content.

Our main focus was to optimize their landing pages in order to target more frequently used search terms, as well as produce blog content that ranked for long-tail keywords. We kept a tight focus on the company’s keyword performance and strategically added new pages to expand the number of keywords they ranked for.

After these changes were implemented in early January 2020, we saw immediate improvements with organic page views nearly tripling in just under three months.


The Results

With Big Leap’s expertise, the nutraceutical company was able to level up their visibility in the online space. The company’s website loading time sped up significantly, bringing mobile’s speed score from 1 to 57, and desktop’s from 16 to 91. That’s over an 80 percent improvement for both. After these changes were implemented in early January 2020, we saw immediate improvements with organic page views nearly tripling in just under three months.

Likewise, clicks and impressions saw a positive correlation with our website tune-up; daily impressions went from peaking at 750 to nearly 2,300, with average total clicks seeing a significant increase as well. Prior to our partnership, the company wasn’t ranking for any keywords. After three months with Big Leap, their webpages now rank in 3,297 positions and for 88 keywords. And finally, through our optimization efforts, we improved the website’s Domain Authority by 18 points in just one year.

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