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Project Overview

For an agency that prides itself on our ability to create enduring relationships with customers, it’d be a waste if we didn’t brag about some of our most cherished, long-lasting business partners. Since 2013, Big Leap has partnered with SwimJim—a leading aquatics educations program—to help drive their lead generation and organic reach through consistent and proven SEO practices.

In the past, we’ve helped SwimJim win high search engine results page (SERP) rankings for competitive keywords using local SEO and some content marketing. This time, we brought content marketing to the forefront of the campaign. Through a  unique content strategy, we helped SwimJim rank for new keywords almost immediately with topic cluster blog posts that garnered over 70,000 page views.


Our Strategy

Though it’s common to create several pages of content in order to generate organic reach, we focused our efforts on a single webpage instead.

High-Value Content

Many companies fall into the trap of writing about the same exact topics as their competitors. To truly offer something unique and establish brand authority, you need to provide informative and long-form content on subjects that your audience is searching for.

In Swim Jim’s case, our team was faced with the question—  “How do we provide new information about swimming strokes?” In our research, we discovered many articles focused on five different strokes. To provide more value to our readers, we bumped our list up to eight. It was a simple change, but enough to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Pillar Pages

Most blog posts are written with a single keyword and topic in mind, which leads to disorganized content. Understanding this makes information difficult to find for some readers, our content marketing experts decided to create pillar pages.

Pillar pages target a broad topic and then create smaller blog articles that include specific keywords related to that topic. We created a pillar page of eight swimming strokes and supported that page with smaller content pieces that went into further detail about each stroke. By doing this, we were able to create a wider search authority, allowing readers to easily find the specific information they’re looking for on a topic.

“We’ve helped SwimJim with local SEO. This time, we brought content marketing to the forefront of the campaign. Through a unique content strategy, SwimJim began ranking for new keywords almost immediately with topic cluster blog posts that garnered over 70,000 page views.”


The Results

Prior to Big Leap’s involvement, SwimJim didn’t rank for any keywords that resembled “swimming stroke.” Almost immediately after we published the initial pillar page in September of 2019, we started seeing results.

swimjim results

The next phase came with publishing the supporting content about the individual strokes. As we published and linked those to the main webpage, we saw a continued increase in organic traffic.

Over 1,300 keywords started ranking because of the pillar webpage, with 430 of those making it to the first SERP and 225 being between the first and third results.

swimjim results screen

This webpage also became the most visited page via organic traffic on SwimJim’s site by over 70,000 page views.

swimjim results traffic
Get to The Top With Big Leap

Big Leap has our finger on the pulse of digital marketing innovation. We try to get ahead on all of the new and proven-to-work marketing strategies, so we can give our clients the edge on their competitors. Contact our specialists today to determine how a new and improved content marketing strategy could be right for you.

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