The Project

Purple is a hyper-growth startup located in the quiet town of Alpine, Utah, founded by two entrepreneurial brothers: a rocket scientist and a comfort tech genius. The Pearce brothers had a long history of successful comfort technology products but set out to completely disrupt the billion dollar mattress industry.

After seeing incredible success from viral product videos, Purple grew very quickly, selling thousands of mattresses and accessories, hiring over 600 people, expanding to a 574,000 sq foot facility, and becoming Utah’s fastest growing company—all in their first year of business.

The Purple marketing team selected Big Leap to lead their SEO efforts, including organic search optimization, online PR, and outreach efforts with the goal of driving more traffic and sales through search and expanding their footprint through recognition on major media sites.

The Strategy & Results

Project 1: Branded Search Results

Being a new company with a common word for a brand name, step 1 was to make sure Purple was easily found for their brand searches. After a short few months, Purple went from having 1 listing for the search term “Purple” to dominating the first page with easily identifiable branded search results through a combination of technical SEO, Google My Business, and increasing brand awareness through online PR.

search results for 'purple'

Project 2: Increase Keyword Rankings & Organic Traffic

With Purple having massive success in many areas, they were in a great position to drive more non-branded search traffic to continue driving sales. Through optimization of their website, targeted content creation, and acquiring natural, high quality links, Purple’s rankings and organic traffic exploded.

Between May 2016 and May 2017, Big Leap helped Purple go from 828 total ranking keywords (27 of them on page 1) to 12,642 ranking keywords (572 of them on page 1).

Project 3: Online PR & Outreach

What originally started as part of our SEO efforts, PR and outreach grew into a hugely successful campaign. By telling Purple’s unique and impressive story to various media outlets, Big Leap helped secure notable media placements with local and national media, both online and in print.

Forbes: After reaching out to Forbes writers, Big Leap was able to get Forbes to fly out to do a full story and photo shoot with Purple that is both on and in Forbes Magazine.

TechCrunch: Similar to Forbes, TechCrunch flew out to do a story including both photo and video about Purple’s impressive growth and new factory. After the initial mattress launch, Purple used Kickstarter to help raise funds to manufacture the new Purple Pillow.  As Purple was on track to beat the Utah state record for raised Kickstarter funds, Big Leap was able to secure a story on KSL that produced great local coverage and also drove tens of thousands of dollars in backing to their Kickstarter campaign.


Led by their CMO, Alex McArthur, Purple is building one of the most incredible brands and success stories of all time. By building a trusted partnership between Big Leap and Purple, our teams have successfully worked together to drive incredible results.

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