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Automotive SEO Case Study with CDL

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Project Overview

Keywords in Top 10 Positions
Increase in Organic Traffic
Website www.cdl.com
Industry Recruiting/Training – Commercial Transportation
Value Provided Improvement in quality content, organic traffic, and keyword rankings.

Project Overview

As one of the largest networks of recruiting and training services for the commercial transportation market, CDL fulfills the demands of the industry by connecting truckers to jobs and providing quality education rooted in safety. Executing and maintaining such a vast network requires producing valuable content on an accessible platform.

In 2018, CDL approached Big Leap for guidance on establishing a distinctive and steady presence on the web. Through our partnership, we experimented and created extensive quality pages and articles that have boosted organic traffic on their content by over 800% and increased their overall organic traffic by more than 300%.

Read on to get the full scoop on how we boosted CDL’s online engine and helped them become a driving force in the SEO field. Don’t hesitate to contact our SEO experts to learn how we can bring you the strategy that’s right for your business.


Our Strategy

Comprehensive Content & Experimentation

You’ve heard that content is king, but exactly what type of content do you need? Our team of SEO experts dug deep and explored several variations of content projects with CDL. Big Leap began creating long-form articles each month. Ideation for these blog posts was centered on extensive keyword and competitor research along with a collaborative relationship with CDL to discover areas/topics that carried great value to their readers.

From our research, we decided to launch a localized project that entailed crafting 50 target city landing pages. Our team built out several templates for the cities and incorporated unique information that reflected the services/resources offered by specific locations.

Traffic was going up, but not nearly as much as we wanted it to. So we expanded some of their shorter content pieces by weaving in relevant and useful information that was backed by target keywords. We then dug even deeper by building out over 64 pages of FAQs. This involved a substantial research process of organizing various categories, related keywords, and featured snippets to determine key questions that would help the site gain authority and, more importantly, provide information users were actually looking for.

High Quality Link Structure

Having a seamless internal link structure is crucial in providing a positive user experience and winning the affection of search engines. We made sure each piece of content was integrated smoothly into CDL’s site through meticulous link building.

Our SEO experts noticed that the navigation of CDL’s mobile site wasn’t linking to the necessary content like the desktop version was doing. So we dove in and streamlined all of their link structures to help boost CDL’s authority. Not to mention, we requested links from high authority sites to help them gain a solid footing in the digital space.

By leveling up their content game, we’ve seen an increase in organic traffic to their FAQ pages by 293% and an overall content traffic growth of 896%.


The Results

Through Big Leap’s experimentation, commitment, and grit, CDL has experienced significant traction in the digital landscape. By leveling up their content game, we’ve seen an increase in organic traffic to their FAQ pages by 293% and an overall content traffic growth of 896%. Better yet, CDL went from having 439 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions to ranking for 1,322 keywords, which has fueled their overall organic traffic by 384.5%.

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Miles of SEO

Reworking and launching a whole new content strategy can be daunting, so be sure to reach out to us. Here at Big Leap, we don’t mess around—we’re in it for the long run. And this means setting up long-term strategies that are tailored to the demands of your business and industry. We’ll make sure that you have the right tools to keep your engine running and stay miles ahead of the SEO game.

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