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Increase in Leads
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Increase in Traffic
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Even established businesses need a little help sometimes when it comes to their presence online. A certain leadership training and consulting firm had been in business for 40 years, but realized that they needed a more robust online presence and digital marketing plan. Even though they are a leader in their space, their efforts yielded only negligible organic traffic. They partnered with Big Leap in December of 2015 to get their online results up to speed with their offline business success.

With a relationship built on trust and openness, Big Leap created a custom campaign that included a comprehensive strategy with a variety of initiatives. This well-rounded approach, coupled with a targeted focus, resulted in first page domination in SERPs of several relevant keywords and hundreds of thousands of organic visitors. Greater traffic, in turn, provided more than a 50% increase year-over-year in leads and conversions. 

Keep reading to see how Big Leap took this firm’s online performance from next to nothing to a solid vertical for growth, or contact Big Leap today to talk with one of our SEO specialists about ways we can help your business dominate online. 


An Open-Minded Partnership

Flexibility and being open to suggestions and ideas may not seem like a strategy, but when it comes to online presence and SEO results, it can make a big difference. The SEO landscape is constantly changing, which means that companies who are nimble and receptive to new tactics can better keep up with Google’s evolving algorithm and the ever-changing nature of the internet.

This leadership firm was open to ideas, which freed us to try new things and find the approaches that worked with their business and niche. They trusted and allowed Big Leap to execute on strategy. In addition, they understood that SEO is a long-game strategy and gave it time to work. Because of this patience and open-minded partnership, together, we achieved significant results.

Extensive Research to Identify Key Opportunities

Each client has a unique situation and needs. For this client, Big Leap conducted extensive research to identify the strategies that would have the most impact. This included a comprehensive dive into competitors and the industry itself. We looked at Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), rankings, and other factors to create a customized strategy around those key opportunities.

One tactic focused on increasing performance with high converting keywords in the industry. The client went from not ranking at all in several of these “money” keywords to ranking on the first page of search results.

Another opportunity lay in maximizing content. Focusing on the company’s core offerings, we refined and optimized content to make it more digestible, appealing, and engaging for online searchers. This included building a resource library, so visitors could download assets, and creating connections so people kept coming back to the site. As a result, the company’s blog is now their primary driver of traffic.

Click Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategy

A second component of Big Leap’s content marketing strategy was taking the high quality content that was bringing in visitors, and then optimizing it for conversions. This included driving more traffic from high converting keywords and using CRO to take advantage of that traffic. This boosted the client’s monthly subscriber list significantly, as well as other leads.

The Results

With patience and a customized, flexible strategy, we were able to achieve impressive results over the course of our campaign. Sometimes it takes time to see the desired changes, and in this case, the difference could be seen around the nine month mark. Our patience paid off, because performance kept improving from then on.

With several highly converting keywords now holding positions on the first page of search results and high quality content optimized for conversions, this client has enjoyed increased sessions from organic traffic by 65% and increased leads by 53.5% year-over-year. The average number of monthly subscribers has also increased by 421%.

Become a Force Online

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