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The Benefits of Content Marketing


Businesses that are looking for an effective way to market their products online should consider content marketing. This age-old practice is in widespread use in the digital age. Companies that offer valuable free information or instruction attract new prospects quickly and consistently.

The best part is, content marketing is not as harsh to accomplish as it sounds. We’re happy to report that any small business can implement this winning tactic.

The Benefits of Content Marketing Are Long-lasting

Following this strategy allows continuous cultivation of new leads for your business. Imagine what a steady stream of new clients and inquiries does for a company. The new market provides room for expansion and salary bonuses. Those are things that all business can use, so developing a plan is all that stands in the way of success. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as some may believe to unleash the benefits of content marketing.

Maintaining a blog, or a YouTube video channel, is an ideal way to educate people about your product or service. Each day, millions of people search these channels looking for new sources of inspiration, information, and entertainment. They also research products and love getting to know a brand’s social personality. Educating them along the way and providing them with useful information is a way to build lasting brand trust.

For a business with a large enough staff, creating content can be a fun process that breaks up the monotony of daily work. Look around in your area for companies with good campaigns and incorporate similar elements into your efforts. There’s no reason to invent everything from scratch when following well-tested techniques always works. The specific type of content you use will depend on the particular nature of your business.

Understand the Essential Details

What is content marketing? Let’s look at the fundamental concepts.

  • Create content that educates, such as how-to videos. These kinds of materials help establish brand and authority.
  • Give away something of value. Build your campaigns around content, but with a discounting twist.
  • Make your material professional-grade. Avoid lousy grammar, typos, and other visual errors that mar campaign performance.
  • Establish a sufficient budget to maintain your campaigns.
  • Understand that patience is a requirement, but the rewards make an effort worthwhile.

There’s no fast formula for success in this space. It takes commitment to quality over the course of time to win the trust of internet visitors. For those who ask, what is content marketing, we say the straightforward answer is that when it’s perfect, you barely notice it at all. Companies use this technique all the time in movies, television, and throughout pop culture. Products are woven into content all the time, in all visual mediums. It’s time to get in on the act, even by starting small.

Drive Sales Consistently

We find that those small efforts add up over time. There’s a time when this tactic reaches a tipping point and delivers stunning results. A winning strategy incorporates all the varying elements of your digital strategy and injects content creation throughout the cycle. Digital research helps people convince themselves to make purchases. Make it easy for them to perform their studies and you stand a strong chance of winning their business. If you stand in their way, or make it difficult, the opposite results.

It’s never too late to add this type of selling to the business marketing toolkit. Social media and websites are most commonly favorite choices for content marketing campaigns. There’s a massive opportunity for anyone who’s willing to put forth enough engaging videos and articles. The online market continues to grow and finding a fantastic way to reach an audience always pays off.

Visual Marketing Drives Digital Sales

Visual marketing is easy. In fact, it’s as simple as snapping a pic or creating a short video. If you run a pizza business, take people into the kitchen and show them your process. If you run a factory, demonstrate how your new machines improve efficiency. Anytime you make it easy for someone to understand the benefits of your product, they’ll consider buying. Videos, articles, and social media posts are perfect tools to allow glimpses into your operations.

Not only that, there’s no faster way to build trust than by making good content that offers verifiable, helpful information. You don’t have to give away the store, but at the very least, demonstrating use cases is a surefire way to turn prospects into customers. Forget overly selling people. Instead, focus on showing them how your widget makes their life better.

Match Content to the Buying Cycle

We always use this kind of marketing late in the buyer’s cycle. We’re aware of precisely what stage the buyer is in, so we gear our material towards a helpful, but a persuasive target. Customers know what they want and they are searching for confirmation to proceed with the order. Companies that simplify the process and offer articles, FAQs, and how-to videos that answer questions, receive a bump in conversions. Searchers want answers fast and many prefer self-service.

It may be worth giving people something with your content. It could be as simple as a coupon, but it’s a nice way to kick off the relationship. Companies often offer samples or free trials and build it into their funnel. There’s no limit to the possibilities. We usually start with a brainstorming way to come up with all the different ways to integrate products with articles and videos. There are lots of ways to approach the task. It’s just a matter of drilling down to the essentials.

Teach people how your solutions work and it’s a fast way to introduce your product to a new audience. Demonstrations and education always drive upsells and purchases because it’s easier for the end user to understand the benefits. Videos can be shot on any phone. What matters is you use good sound quality and explain what you’re doing in a way people can follow. Any company that does that consistently sees an uptick in sales.

Jumping right in is an ideal way to start. There’s no way to be wrong. All that matters is a genuine, consistent effort that interests and attracts people. That may vary from one industry to the next, but finding a rhythm is all that matters. Blog posts, Instagram Stories, Facebook Posts, and all the other types of content create a rich tapestry that tells your brand story loudly and clearly.

Ryan Skidmore
Digital Marketing Senior Manager at Big Leap
Ryan is a Digital Marketing Director at Big Leap. He is a master of quizzes and all things SEO.

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