Lack of Ownership of Branded Search Terms and Quality Traffic

Digital Marketing Case Study with Truvy

Big Leap Utah Marketing Agency Case Study for Truvy

Project Overview

Increase in Marketing Generated Revenue
Return On Ad Spend
Increase in Search Impressions
Industry Health/fitness/lifestyle
Value Provided Increase in revenue + search impression share
Project Overview

When you don’t have ownership of branded search terms or enough quality traffic, something is amiss. Gaps like these can come up even with a sound organic strategy. This is why leaning on a holistic marketing approach is key to success. Health and wellness business Truvy is a tried and true embodiment of this.

Offering one-time purchase and subscription options for its products, Truvy initially partnered with Big Leap for SEO and marketing automation services in 2020. Upon establishing a solid partnership that delivered impressive organic results, Truvy added paid services to its marketing mix. 

Taking this step allowed the company to diversify its online strategy, giving the boost needed to solidify brand authority and earn more revenue. We’re talking about revenue from online marketing showing a 10,076.78% increase from the previous quarter.

Keep reading for the full rundown of Truvy’s paid media campaign and Big Leap’s long-standing relationship with this client.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Truvy set out to tackle four key goals: 

  1. Take back ownership of branded terms
  2. Position its DTC (direct-to-consumer) site in search
  3. Drive consumer sales and return customers to its DTC site
  4. Integrate paid and marketing automation strategies to increase average order value and repeat sales

We utilized key learnings and data insights from previous Truvy SEO and marketing automation campaigns to build informed paid media decisions. 

Audience Analysis

The Big Leap team analyzed a wealth of Truvy’s consumer analytics. With insights into the type of customer and the keywords they were searching for and engaging with, we used this information to tailor our client’s messaging to improve performance. This step allowed us to make data-driven decisions to lay the groundwork. 

Retargeting Campaigns

Our experts created high-intent audience profiles to isolate common traits and affinities from past consumers. These profiles enabled the Big Leap team to develop specific retargeting ads. Starting retargeting campaigns elevated brand awareness and helped Truvy invest in warmer leads, boosting the potential to convert visitors. 

Paid Offers

Based on the SEO content that had the highest engagement rates, we created offers that responded directly to search queries. Our PPC team evaluated search terms driving the highest conversion rates to build impactful messages. 

Building these paid offer campaigns allowed us to maximize Truvy’s SERP coverage. 

Black Friday Campaign

Q4 tends to be slow for our client, so we identified an opportunity to launch a Black Friday campaign to jump-start sales during a traditionally down period. The campaign aimed to help convert the organic traffic that was coming in, resulting in a higher purchase rate.

“I’m excited that I was able to help Truvy scale over the last four months! Their collaboration with Big Leap has been integral to our mutual growth over the past two years.”
Stephen Peterson
Paid Media Manager


The Results

Incorporating PPC into Truvy’s existing strategy not only created a holistic campaign but gave the client a higher conversion rate: 

  • The paid media campaigns helped the company surpass its revenue goals. Revenue from online marketing efforts increased by 10,076.78% compared to the previous quarter.
  • Truvy saw a search impression share increase of 209.38%. This increase enabled the business to regain ownership of its branded terms. 
  • Truvy’s ad performance returned $5 for every dollar spent on ads, which increased to $6 per dollar spent within several months.
    • November: 5.20X return on ad spend (ROAS)
    • December: 5.28X ROAS
    • January: 6.88X ROAS
  • The Black Friday campaign returned $7 for every dollar spent on ads.
The Google Ads Results of Truvy thanks to Big Leap's SEO and Paid ads products.

These impressive gains led to Truvy adding a requisite budget to support additional campaigns. We are now looking to increase our client’s average order value (AOV) per transaction and continuously increase the company’s revenue.

Boost Your Online Potential with Big Leap

The online landscape offers countless opportunities to improve your brand’s visibility, but the competition can get pretty daunting. That’s why it’s worth investing in a multidisciplinary digital marketing strategy. Truvy did it, and so can you. 

Contact the Big Leap team to learn more about what we can achieve for you.

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