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B2B SaaS SEO Case Study with Tech9

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Project Overview

Increase in Site Impressions
New Keywords Ranking
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Project Overview

When the state of SEO is ultimately in the hands of the almighty Google, staying on top of algorithmic updates and rethinking your online game plan is a must. But if you’re fairly new to SEO, this can all be pretty daunting. Where do you start and how do you even know you’re on the right track? 

Custom software development business Tech9 was fairly new to SEO and needed a hand creating a long-term, sustainable SEO strategy. So in June 2021, they partnered with Big Leap.

Together, we tapped into both technical and creative online tactics to bolster our client’s potential in building the right SEO foundation—a basis for which Tech9 could drive growth for their business in the long run. By staying rooted in collaboration and customization, Tech9 went from having no organic presence to winning over 600 organic site visitors each month. Keep reading for all the details on this achievement.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

When we first launched Tech9’s campaign, our client had little to no site optimizations in place. As a result, their website content was not giving their business the best chance of online success. So we focused on three key areas: site audit, keyword research, and content optimization. 

Site Audit

We first conducted a 150-point site audit that covered various areas such as content, metadata, site speed, site architecture, and internal links. 

Once we discovered areas for improvement, the Big Leap team dove into various site optimization projects that included: 

  • Adding a sitemap to Tech9’s Robots.txt files and submitting them to the Google Search Console
  • Optimizing over 50 images to improve site speed
  • Adding alt text to over 110 images on our client’s site
  • Updating over 70 meta-titles and descriptions

Keyword Research

Once we cleaned up the front- and back-end of Tech9’s site, we then shifted our focus to content. The Big Leap team had continuous conversations with Tech9 to discuss various keywords. 

Rather than focusing on keyword volume, we invested more time and effort into discovering specific keywords aligned with Tech9’s services and the needs of their target audience. We understood these highly-focused key phrases would ultimately be our ticket to: 

  • Capturing relevant traffic, which would help Tech9 become front and center among their target market
  • Ranking for several variations of the key phrases, which would help search engines better understand the content of our client’s pages and thus, give them a better chance of winning more traffic 

Content Audit

With the keyword research underway, we worked with Tech9 to implement the keywords on applicable site pages. This entailed a thorough review and collaboration process where we refined keywords to ensure the terms were well aligned with each page and Tech9’s brand. 

Big Leap’s SEO and content team then worked together to weave the phrases naturally into the existing site pages along with adding additional sections into the content.  We wanted to make sure the keywords were truly bolstering the value of our client’s landing pages.

As we continuously work to move forward with more content and keyword optimizations, we are excited to see where and how Tech9 further bolsters their web presence and competitive advantage.
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
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The Results

Big Leap’s partnership with Tech9 illustrates the profound impact site and content optimization can have on your online presence and business. Let’s take a look at some of the main achievements Tech9 accomplished. 

Higher Ranking Target Keywords

Even though their keywords are highly competitive in the market, with the right site and content optimizations in place, Tech9 began ranking higher for their high-priority key phrases within three months—they won a total of 321 more keyword positions.

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Improved Site Traffic and Engagement

With an increase in position rankings on Google, Tech9 was more visible to their target market. As a result, our client won over 600 additional organic site visitors each month within a three-month period.

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The site as a whole brought in almost two times the amount of non-branded clicks within the first three months of the campaign. Not to mention, Tech9’s site impressions improved by 80%.

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Stronger Digital Footprint

By proactively identifying opportunities on their site, together, Big Leap and Tech9 were able to build a robust SEO foundation, which helped our client win a stronger digital footprint. 

As we continuously work to move forward with more content and keyword optimizations, we are excited to see where and how Tech9 further bolsters their web presence and competitive advantage.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic