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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Traffic
Keyword Position Increases
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Industry Tax/financial services, B2C
Value Provided Improvement in organic traffic and keyword rankings
Project Overview

There’s more to a site than meets the eye. If you crack it open, there are numerous technical components that must be kept in order to maintain your site’s value and visibility—two key factors that Tax Help MD was lacking in. 

As a tax services company that strives to maximize people’s financial growth potential, Tax Help MD needed a boost in their online real estate to encourage more visitors and connect with the right folks. Therefore, they sought out a team with technical site expertise—in July 2020, they partnered with Big Leap. 

Our SEO team spearheaded an expansive technical SEO campaign to help steer Tax Help MD’s site in the right direction. With an eye for detail and a collaborative mindset, we laid the right foundation and helped them win over a 7,000% increase in organic traffic. 

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Technical SEO involves fine tuning the backbone of your website. For Tax Help MD, this meant conducting a technical site audit, improving their indexation, and elevating their site speed.

In-Depth Technical Site Audit

Our team dove into a 16-point technical site audit that took roughly eight hours. We identified technical concerns and discovered numerous opportunities for improvement such as increasing their site speed and Google indexing. These recommendations were compiled into a report and presented to our client.

Site Indexation Improvement

The most significant issue we found was that our client’s site was not being indexed by Google. As a result, they weren’t showing up in search results, killing their potential to attract qualified leads and raise their revenue. 

We passed this information to Tax Help MD’s web development team and collaborated with them to rectify this issue. This involved fixing our client’s HTML code so their content would be evaluated and picked up by search engines. 

Site Speed Enhancement

Time is of the essence. Even just a one-second delay in site speed can decrease page views by 11 percent and customer satisfaction by 16 percent. 

From analyzing Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix reports, we found that our client’s site speed was inadequate. We shared these reports with their team and together, we aimed to amplify their site speed to provide a better user experience and encourage more online sessions. 

“With more keywords rankings came more visibility and qualified visitors. Tax Help MD won a 7,466% increase in organic traffic.”


The Results

By optimizing the technical components of their site, our client’s content was properly indexed by search engines and began ranking for relevant keywords. Overall, they ranked for 212 keywords on Google and garnered a total of 1,122 keyword position increases.

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And with more keywords rankings came more visibility and qualified visitors. Tax Help MD won a 7,466% increase in organic traffic. Specifically, they saw over 200 active sessions on their site, compared to just three sessions during the previous quarter.

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Identify & Kill Those Pain Points with a Trusted Team

It takes a trustworthy team who holds a track record of winning long-term results to build a detailed strategy like Tax Help MD’s. As a digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience, Big Leap is that team. 

If you feel your website and business haven’t yet reached their fullest potential, reach out to us. Our team of digital marketers will be in touch and see if we’re the right fit for your business.

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