Project Overview

Increase in Organic Sessions
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Business TypeB2B
Project GoalsImproved keyword ranking and optimized web copy
Project Overview

ROI Solutions, an international call center that provides professional service for a variety of call center needs, wanted to make their services known to the masses. But they had trouble getting the visibility they wanted from search engines. ROI wanted to ensure their time and efforts went towards a trustworthy SEO service that could guarantee lasting results. That’s when their partnership with Big Leap began.

By strategizing unique SEO tactics for ROI, Big Leap was able to boost its organic sessions by 200%. Discover how Big Leap utilized optimization to double ROI’s organic reach. 


Our Strategy

ROI Solutions wanted to rank for a handful of highly competitive keywords. Through our research, we decided that skyscraper content and focused optimization techniques would be the best path to success.

In-Depth Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content involves creating a piece of in-depth, high-value content that has the ability to outrank competitors by focusing on high-searched topics. This gave us plenty of room to fit in long-tail keywords that incorporated our target keyword which would help us land a ranking position on Google.

Our SEO experts understood that the length of skyscraper content offers an opportunity to create something helpful for online readers. We researched and identified different questions being asked about inbound call centers. Then, we made sure to answer those questions in the article. Doing so helped create credibility for ROI Solutions and establish brand authority.

Comprehensive and Consistent Optimization

Optimization means finding a variety of ways for content to be easily read by web crawlers. There are a myriad of variables that go into the ranking algorithm, but we focused on key components surrounding our skyscraper content.

With tools like link building, meta-data, and proper formatting, we were confident our skyscraper article would bring in the desired results with plenty of organic traffic. As an extra precaution, we monitored the performance of the skyscraper content and made further improvements to the optimization. This included adding strategic inbound and outbound links, conducting competitive content structure analysis, and incorporating additional questions that were related to the content.

After all of our efforts to get these optimization results, ROI Solutions saw a 200% increase in organic sessions.


The Results

Our focused efforts on this webpage brought it to rank for a total 121 organic keywords, 13 of which rank in the top 3 search results for our target keywords. Though these keywords sat below the top 100 ranking positions for months, they quickly rose to be in the top 3 positions after our extensive optimization efforts.

Because of the engaging content we created, the average time a visitor spent on the webpage increased by 73.65%. After all of our efforts to get these optimization results, ROI Solutions saw a 200% increase in organic sessions.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic