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Project Overview

Increase in Site Traffic
Boost in Keyword Rankings
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Project Goals Improvement in Organic Search Results and Traffic
Project Overview

As 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, being visible online is pivotal to your success. And it’s not simply about being seen, but being seen for the queries your target audience is actively searching for. This is what flooring removal business, Removal Tech, was looking to improve on. 

Not only was their main competitor ranking above them in nearly all of the flooring removal categories, but they weren’t ranking for some of their key services, putting them at a disadvantage. Therefore, in 2019, Removal Tech partnered with Big Leap to help them gain a solid footing on the web and in their industry. 

We came up with a data-driven strategy rooted in SEO and content that helped our client win over a 50% increase in traffic. Read on for all the details behind the tactics our SEO experts used, and be sure to contact Big Leap to see how we can enhance your digital presence and be seen by those who matter most to you.  


Our Strategy

When you’re a company that looks after the foundation of homes and businesses, you want to do your best in illuminating your high quality services. Not to mention, when you’re a local business like Removal Tech, you want to ensure that your company is being found by people who are based in your service area. Our SEO experts knew that focusing on these components would initiate a robust and lasting digital strategy. So we concentrated our efforts on optimizing the client’s content and local SEO to help them rank higher in online search results. 

Content Optimization Based on Thorough Keyword Research

Based on extensive keyword research, our team discovered that there was an adequate search volume in Removal Tech’s main service area for floor removal services. Our client was ranking for some of these keywords/services, but these keywords weren’t being implemented enough on their website. So our SEO team focused on optimizing Removal Tech’s site to incorporate these terms and highlight more of their services.

We strategically mapped out individual content pages for each of their services. Each page focused on providing educational information while weaving in focus keywords. Not only would this help our client be seen on search engines, but connect with those looking to get specific flooring work done. 

Enhancement of Local SEO by Streamlining Citations

Since Removal Tech was a local business, our SEO team looked into their online citation listings. We noticed there were many listings that had missing or inaccurate information; this was ultimately hurting their local SEO, or their potential to be found based on a customer’s location. So our team looked to streamline our client’s business across listings along with building new citations to improve the accuracy and consistency of their information across the board. 

Their team has been super collaborative, with weekly calls and emails. We use Zoom, phone calls and email to engage back and forth. Both of our contacts are absolute rockstars. Their leadership is always willing to talk and they’ve been very responsive to concerns. I find them to be good stewards, not just good vendors. We’ve already had people reach out to us because Big Leap takes care of their own. Just through conversation they continue to keep us in mind, as well as their other customers, to see how we can all help their great big ecosystem.


The Results

Within a six month period, Removal Tech earned a 45% boost in keyword rankings. They went from ranking for zero keywords to eight keywords in the top three positions of Google’s search engine results page. And overall, our client went from ranking for 93 keywords to 169 keywords. This gave them greater visibility on the diverse array of flooring services they offer. 

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Because we focused on implementing geographic-specific keywords, more local homeowners and commercial business owners discovered Removal Tech’s high-caliber services, as our client’s web traffic jumped up by 55%.

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Build a Strong Digital Foundation with the Right Team

There’s no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to enhancing your digital presence. Here at Big Leap, we understand that illuminating your company requires digging deep into the pockets of the web and your industry to discover what will work best for your business. 

Our team looks at each business with a unique lens to devise a strategic plan that’s centered on trust and lasting connections. If you’d like to find out what we can do for you, reach out to us. We’re here to help your business reach its fullest potential.

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