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SEO Case Study with Now Tech

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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Pageviews
Increase in Page Rankings
New Users
Website now-tech.com
Industry Direct sales, IT services, and consulting
Value Provided Boost in organic traffic and content marketing
Project Overview

If you’re wondering how to kick start your online footprint as a digital marketing newb, this is for you. We understand how daunting it can feel to get started. We also understand that not every business and website are the same. Where the heck do you start, and how do you even know if you’re doing things right? 

NOW Tech, an IT services and consulting company in the direct sales space, wasn’t reeling in any traffic to their site. They wanted someone to help spearhead their first digital marketing campaign and navigate the nuts and bolts of the online landscape. Thanks to a referral, they partnered with Big Leap to gain that expertise. 

By establishing the right SEO and content marketing foundation, NOW Tech went from zero digital footprint to earning over 2,000 organic page views over a six-month period. Keep reading for all the fine details on how we achieved this and how you might benefit from a strategy like this one. 

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To elevate NOW Tech’s online authority, Big Leap stayed aligned with SEO best practices while injecting our client’s strategy with the customization it needed. This helped us ensure we were aligning the campaign roadmap with NOW Tech’s online and business goals. 

180-Point Site Audit

Our team launched NOW Tech’s campaign by conducting a 180-point site audit. This entailed analyzing various areas of their website and current strategy, from content pages to site architecture to site speed. 

Site Indexation

The audit unveiled that NOW Tech’s site wasn’t being indexed on Google. Therefore, their key site pages weren’t showing up in search results, which meant their target market wasn’t able to discover their site/business. 

To remediate this situation, we worked on: 

  1. Removing NOW Tech’s noindex tags
  2. Setting up Google Search Console 
  3. Establishing Google Analytics (GA) to track site metrics

Keyword Brainstorm Session and Optimization

As the Big Leap team worked on helping NOW Tech gain visibility via site indexation, we used this opportunity to help our client rank for important key terms—

terms that were vital to their core value propositions and the needs of their target audience.

We conducted keyword research and collaborated with the NOW Tech team to get their expertise on their business and industry. This collaboration process would help us understand the types of keyphrases we needed to focus on to highlight the needs of their prospective clients.  

Once we had solidified a final keyword list, our SEO specialists optimized 13 site pages with those terms and the necessary metadata. This optimization process would provide NOW Tech the best chance at ranking high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Blog Execution

With keywords, we looked at content creation on NOW Tech’s site. Content is the butter to the SEO bread—without content, there’s only so much you can do to bolster your SEO strategy. 

We were able to design and build a full blog page for their future use. Having a blog would not only ensure NOW Tech was engaging with their target audience, but that it would plant the seeds for bigger and better organic growth. 

“ I had worked with Big Leap in the past with another company that had extensive reputation management and SEO needs. Big Leap was a critical part of that company’s success so it was an easy decision to partner with them again.” -NOW Tech

The Big Leap team is incredibly knowledgeable in their field. The team was always organized and followed through with their plan. They were able to put us on the digital map! Thank you for helping structure our company’s digital footprint and maximize our searchability! 


The Results

By laying the groundwork for SEO growth, NOW Tech achieved significant improvements within a six-month period: 

By collaborating with our client to produce a solid keyword list, we were able to optimize their site pages to have them show up on search results. Our client’s branded terms earn first-page rankings.

keyword ranking improvements for our client NOW Tech

Indexing NOW Tech’s site pages led to rapid growth in organic traffic—they earned over 2,000 organic pageviews over a six-month period and 82% of their visitors were new users.

organic views statistics for Now Tech

Our client’s new blog drove 70 page views—this would pave the way for future keyword rankings and organic growth.

Own Your Online Strategy Now with Big Leap

Good marketing campaigns take time and consistent effort to reap their full benefits. While we provided NOW Tech with the expertise and foundation they needed to spearhead their online strategy, the best is still yet to come, and we’re excited to see how our client grows in their space. 

If you need a second set of eyes to ensure your digital marketing strategy is on the right track, reach out to the Big Leap team. As an agency that offers seven online services, we can provide the holistic approach your business needs to get ahead.

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