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Healthcare Digital Marketing Case Study with Medical Device Company

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Project Overview

Increase in Pageviews
New Referring Domains
Company Size Startup
Business Type B2C Medical Devices
Project Goals Optimize new website for keywords and rich snippets
Project Overview

One of our clients, a medical device startup company, was looking to offer a more affordable and comfortable product. They wanted to add transparency to a somewhat misleading industry that’s full of hidden fees. With their customers top of mind, our client aimed to always be forthcoming about what customers were paying for. 

After some initial success, this company sought to diversify their market reach. Therefore, they went in search for a partner that valued transparency as much as they did. After researching different marketing firms, this company approached Big Leap for guidance on turning their ideas into reachable and measurable goals.

We knew our client would only thrive with an optimized eCommerce store, so Big Leap helped them develop an informative and optimized website. Find out how our efforts garnered over 212% more pageviews.

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Our Strategy

Extensive Website Audit

To properly understand how we could best help this client, we audited their website. This involved a competitor analysis to understand their position in the market, keyword research to determine relevant and highly-trafficked search terms, and a content audit to learn what topics should be covered. 

We also conducted an audit for schema markups—a method that uses web coding to optimize rich snippets. We then took this information to implement rich snippet information for existing and future web pages.

Webpage Creation and Optimization

When we started our analyses, our client only had a homepage on their website. So, we started optimizing that homepage by enriching it with keywords. We also wrote content for a product page and an about us page, and included metadata on every page we created to better incorporate our target keywords.

Broad Link Portfolio

Link building is a great way to increase online visibility and authority in search results. So, we included links to other companies as we updated and created content. We also reached out to authoritative sites to link back to our client’s pages.

After implementing the metadata and content optimizations, our client saw an instant uptick in pageviews of over 200%.


The Results

Our client has seen steady and consistent growth in organic traffic and links since May 2020, but they also experienced immediate results.

After implementing the metadata and content optimizations, our client saw an instant uptick in pageviews of over 200%.

medical device pageviews

And once the schema markup code was implemented by the end of July, pageviews increased by another 212.5%.

medical device pageviews

All the while, we continued to build links for our client and saw the number of referring domains from zero to over 150.

medical device case study domains

Since this campaign is continuously ongoing, our client will likely see continued growth as more content is optimized and implemented into their website.

Big Leap Hears Your Concerns

Whatever your marketing needs are, Big Leap can help. We have plenty of experience with all kinds of businesses, from startups that need expansion to huge websites that require heavy maintenance. 

When you work with Big Leap, we guarantee the improvements you see will create lasting results. So contact our experts today to learn how we can enhance your website and build out a digital marketing plan that delivers.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic