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B2B SEO Case Study with Latest Solutions

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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Google Ranking Positions
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Value Provided Increased keyword rankings, site conversions, and sessions
Project Overview

Word of mouth and referrals will only get you so far. To establish a holistic marketing strategy, you need to leverage online tools and resources. But of course, doing this is easier said than done; it takes consistent effort and an experienced team by your side to achieve long-term results. 

This is where Latest Solutions and Big Leap’s partnership comes in. Latest Solutions, an IT software and consulting company, had a new website that had no SEO foundation. Relying simply on partner referrals and word of mouth, Latest Solutions sought to drive more brand awareness and conversions through their site. 

In 2020, they turned to Big Leap for help. By entrusting us to build a customized SEO strategy from the ground up, our client went from having a non-existent online search presence to ranking on the first page of search results for target keywords. 

Delve into this case study for the full details of our strategy, and contact Big Leap to see how we can elevate your digital marketing efforts.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Big Leap’s SEO team assessed Latest Solutions’ strengths and weaknesses to determine the best course of action. This involved four parts: executing a site audit, conducting keyword research, defining their brand voice and target audience, and building and optimizing content.  

Executed a Comprehensive Site Audit

Big Leap’s SEO team began with a thorough site audit to resolve technical issues on Latest Solutions’ site and build a strong foundation for their SEO campaign. 

Our 180-point audit involved evaluating and testing Latest Solutions with a variety of tools to determine if there were issues or opportunities in key areas such as:  

  • Content
  • Indexability 
  • Metadata 
  • Crawl directives
  • Keyword optimization 

We discovered some issues, including technical problems, non-optimized content, and a lack of keyword diversity and volume. Our team used these areas to map out the next steps.

Identified Competitive Keywords

Understanding content would play a pivotal role in bolstering their online presence, our SEO specialists performed keyword research. The goal was to discover queries that would drive qualified traffic to and raise awareness on Latest Solutions’ products and services. We mapped out these keywords to optimize our client’s current content and build new content. 

Our keyword research also involved: 

  • A competitor gap analysis to assess competitor site performance and identify new target keywords for Latest Solutions to leverage
  • An analysis of their consulting services to identify specific products and branded keywords Latest Solutions could use for ranking

Defined Brand Voice and Target Audience

Because Latest Solutions had few site pages to work with, our team invested time and resources into defining our client’s brand voice. That way, we could ensure the voice in their content was consistent with their brand.

We conducted interviews with our client to understand who their audience was (pain points, needs, etc.) to help us verify our new content would resonate well with their target audience.  

Created New Content & Optimized Current Content

With our client’s keywords and brand voice mapped out, Big Leap dove into creating new site pages and blog content. 

Specifically, we: 

  • Built 7 new pages that targeted specific product keywords
  • Created 4 strategic blog posts to help Latest Solutions rank for question-based searches that provided answers to their target audience’s search queries 
  • Optimized all of their current site page content with the target keywords 
Their site went from having a non-existent search presence to winning first-page search results for their keywords.


The Results

Over the course of the first six months of their campaign, Latest Solutions saw significant results. Their site went from having a non-existent search presence to winning first-page search results for their keywords. 

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Our client went from ranking for 6 branded keywords (total ranking keywords) to 127 total ranking keywords (126 of these keywords were non-branded). Keyword positions include: 

  • Top 3 positions (1 keyword)
  • Positions 4-10 (6 keywords)
  • Positions 11-20 (16 keywords)
  • Positions 21-50 (64 keywords)
  • Positions 51-100 (40 keywords)
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Latest Solutions is a pretty niche business, but that didn’t stop them from gaining traction. Through our partnership and SEO efforts, our client began receiving qualified conversions along with traffic—traffic that increased by 1,900%. 

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