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Digital Marketing Case Study with InvoSpa

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Project Overview

Increase in Facebook Followers
Increase in Instagram Engagement
Increase in Facebook Likes
Industry Health & Wellness, B2C
Value Provided Boost in social media engagement and brand awareness
Project Overview

When you’re part of a market that’s well worth over $1.5 trillion, how do you rise above the noise? As the health and wellness industry is becoming increasingly crowded, it’s pivotal to be strategic about where and how you compete. And this is exactly where InvoSpa needed a hand.

A business that provides high-quality massagers to customers, InvoSpa was struggling with brand awareness and engagement on its social media platforms. So in May 2021, Big Leap was referred by their parent company to help manage InvoSpa’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

By employing various strategic hashtag and influencer tactics, the Big Leap team was able to bolster InvoSpa’s Facebook followers by 500% and Instagram engagement by over 300%. Read on for all the details on how we achieved this. 

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

InvoSpa wanted to gain a larger following on their social media pages, so our team mapped out a giveaway campaign to win more engagement. 

Social Media Giveaway Campaign

Building a giveaway campaign allowed us to establish our own parameters that would help win the type of engagement InvoSpa was seeking. The Big Leap team created rules that required users to follow InvoSpa’s pages in exchange for a giveaway entry. 

Though the first couple of giveaways did bring in some engagement, they weren’t meeting our client’s goal. Therefore, we took our campaign one step further by involving influencers. 

Influencer Marketing

The goal of this cross-collaborative, influencer giveaway was to highlight and grow InvoSpa’s credibility in their space and achieve greater engagement. Together, we created a program that gave influencers the opportunity to host giveaways via their Instagram page and enjoy InvoSpa’s products for free. 

Hashtag Research

To find influencers in the health and wellness space, we began researching relevant industry hashtags.

From there, we looked at the top hashtag posts to discover people who had a relatively considerable Instagram following (2K – 10K followers) and reached out to these influencers about InvoSpa’s campaign. 


With a roster of influencers ready to go, our social media experts created a different theme for each giveaway. The objective was to use a theme that aligned with each influencer’s area of expertise (e.g. keto diet, fitness, etc.) while staying true to InvoSpa’s brand.

We provided the influencers with relevant captions and graphics that adhered to Instagram’s legal standards for giveaways. These visuals and themes would create a cohesive user experience as followers jumped from the influencer’s page to InvoSpa’s. 


On top of having influencers share the giveaway posts, respond to comments, and get their followers excited, Big Leap also worked on spreading the word of this giveaway across social media pages. 

For example, we shared the giveaway post on relevant Facebook groups and commented on Instagram posts related to giveaway, massage, or self-care topics. 

We were excited to get to work with influencers to make successful giveaways. What made this project so unique was that we had to create each giveaway’s “theme” around the individual influencer to align with and appeal to their target audience but still make sense for the brand. One influencer promotes keto-friendly foods and health hacks for busy people, so we created the giveaway theme to be “The Hectic Helper Giveaway.” Another giveaway with health, food, and fitness blogger was the “Self-Love Giveaway.” Once we build up our influencer list, we can eventually offer giveaways that even incorporate the influencer into the graphic to make it feel more personalized.


The Results

Our campaign with InvoSpa illustrates the value of collaboration and continuity in social media marketing. It took some trial and error but it was all well worth the effort—we were able to understand what worked for InvoSpa’s target audience, fine-tune the right areas, and gain lasting results for our client. 


Within one month of our influencer giveaway campaign, InvoSpa’s Instagram achieved a 101% increase in followers, allowing them to connect with over 200 newer accounts. In addition, our client won a 329% boost in engagement (i.e. likes, comments, saves, and shares) and an 800% boost in story interactions. 

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By engaging relevant Facebook groups with InvoSpa’s giveaway, our social media team was able to increase our clients’ Facebook following by 500% and the number of likes by 350%.

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If you’re having trouble identifying and leveraging the right social media strategies for your business, Big Leap can help. We’ve helped several businesses amplify their online presence and win bottom-line results. For guidance on your digital marketing strategy, be sure to contact our team today.

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