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eCommerce SEO Case Study with Hemplucid

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Project Overview

Increase in Revenue
Increase in Referrals
Increase in Open Rate
Industry CBD, eCommerce
Value Provided Improvement in engagement and revenue
Project Overview

When you’re part of a new and rapidly evolving industry like CBD, winning trust is pivotal to your success. You need to nurture well and quickly to rise above the noise. 

So when eCommerce CBD company Hemplucid wasn’t generating enough engagement and revenue through their email marketing efforts, they turned to Big Leap. Already an SEO client of ours, Hemplucid entrusted us to take on their marketing automation initiatives. 

By creating email marketing campaigns powered by strategic automation tactics, our team successfully helped our client better connect with leads, gain trust, and boost their revenue by over 100 percent. 

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

You can send out all the emails in the world, but if they aren’t coated with the right automation tactics, your nurturing efforts will only go so far. 

Our marketing automation team strove to bolster Hemplucid’s email marketing efforts with efficiency and personalization. This involved an extensive audit, a segmentation strategy, customized email campaigns, and A/B testing. 

Conducting an Extensive Marketing Automation Audit

We kicked off their campaign with an extensive marketing automation audit. Our marketing automation experts analyzed the types of automation tools they were using, their contacts list, and their email rates (number of open, clicks, placed-order rates, etc.). 

This audit identified our client’s strengths and weaknesses, which helped guide us in building a strategy tailored to Hemplucid’s goals.

Segmenting Contacts Based on Engagement

Our marketing automation team took our client’s master contact list and organized it into groups based on the engagement history. This involved creating categories such as a bounce/unengaged, first-time customers, and highly engaged/most-likely-to-purchase. 

This segmentation strategy not only helped our team get to know Hemplucid’s audience better, but it also gave us ideas on the kinds of automated campaigns that were needed to increase conversations with their leads. 

Producing Customized Email Automation Campaigns

With Hemplucid’s contacts segmented, we began launching various email campaigns tailored to each group. Rather than making the emails just a one-and-done situation, we turned them into a mini-nurture series. This included putting together several different campaigns like customer win-back, repeat-customer, sunset-flow, and an abandoned-cart email series. 

Each email consisted of relevant information (blog posts, recommended product pages, coupons, etc.) and follow-up messages. The key was to infuse each step of the buyer’s journey with trust and ease to better support their leads. 

Better yet, our client didn’t have to worry about executing these email series manually. With automation, the right emails were automatically sent at the right time. 

A/B Testing Key Variables

Before sending out Hemplucid’s email campaigns, we had to ensure we were launching low-risk, high-value campaigns first. This required A/B testing, or split testing.

Based on former heat maps and eCommerce best practices, our marketing automation team A/B tested different variables such as subject lines, call-to-actions (CTAs), images, copy, and footers. That way, the most effective campaign options would be sent to their audience. 

“It’s always great working with you. We appreciate everything you’ve done. Awesome results!”
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
Owner of AlphaGraphics, Sandy, UT


The Results

Elevating Hemplucid’s email campaigns with customization, consistency, and automation brought successful results. Their leads engaged more with their messages, as our client’s overall email open rate increased by 38 percent and referral rates from their loyalty campaign increased by 52 percent. 


And with more engagement came more revenue—Hemplucid’s revenue from emails increased by 144 percent over a three-month period!

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Engage, Nurture, & Grow with Marketing Automation

Like Hemplucid, you can create a customized nurturing campaign that targets each stage of your buyer’s journey. But of course, this is easier said than done, which is why it takes a trustworthy and experienced team to help you achieve the results you need.

So empower your marketing today by reaching out to us. Our marketing automation team will work with you to find ways we can align your goals with the right automation tools. We’re a Hubspot Gold Partner, which means we carry the expertise, technology, and solutions to elevate your lead generation efforts.

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