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B2B SEO Case Study with GM Nameplate

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Project Overview

Improvements in Keyword Rankings
Keywords Ranked on the First Page
Keywords Ranked #1
Website www.gmnameplate.com
Industry B2B Product Manufacturing
Value Provided Mobile-friendly website optimized for SEO

Project Overview

When you’ve been in business for over 60 years, you’re bound to make some upgrades along the way. GM Nameplate has gone from crafting custom nameplates to developing solutions for a plethora of companies in the medical, aerospace, automotive, appliance, cosmetic, and electronic industries. As a result of their adaptivity in such a competitive industry, they’ve seen incredibly impressive success.

At the start of 2020, GM Nameplate looked to make another improvement: to boost their search visibility and to attract new leads and businesses to their service pages.

Because of our transparent communication and vast experience in SEO, GM Nameplate saw Big Leap as the obvious choice to help them optimize their new, mobile-friendly website for organic search. Through our efforts, we were able to get their webpages to the first page of Google in just three months.

Read on to learn how Big Leap used basic SEO principles and extensive keyword research to help GM Nameplate reach its goals for organic reach. You can also contact us to find out how we could do the same for your organization.


Our Strategy

After some initial research, we found that their website lacked some serious SEO basic principles. This gave us a ripe opportunity to improve their webpages for lasting results.

Data-Driven Keyword Research

Our SEO experts knew that without intensive research, we wouldn’t be able to accurately identify which keywords would give GM Nameplates the competitive advantage they were looking for. But because the company serves so many industries, we were able to use hundreds of search terms that highlighted their different products and services. This led us to finding over 120 competitive keywords to start ranking for.

Optimized Meta-data

Meta-data is an often overlooked aspect of SEO. Making sure to include it can give webpages an extra advantage when web crawlers find them.

When we started this project, almost none of GM Nameplate’s webpages had keyword-optimized meta-data or headers. With our research, we were able to create unique and specific meta-data for the webpages that were a critical part of our marketing strategy.

Total Blog Revamp

As the world changes, so do blogs. Blogs are constantly in need of updating to make sure their information continues to be relevant and their links are still functioning.

We updated all of GM Nameplate’s older blog posts with keyword-rich content and improved their overall structure. This would help increase its online visibility and stay consistent with their brand image and marketing goals.

In less than 30 days, we’ve already seen an uptick in traffic. We anticipate this growth to significantly increase over the next six months.”


The Results

Through our efforts, GM Nameplate’s keyword rankings improved by 653 positions on Google and 562 on Bing. We also managed to get a first-page ranking for six highly competitive keywords. Three of those keywords started ranking at number one, which was a huge success in their saturated industry.

Since the campaign is relatively young, we believe the results we’ve seen are an excellent indication of potential growth for more keyword rankings and greater organic reach.

In our planning, we tried to strategize various ways to promote organic goal completions and conversions. We saw an increase in overall goal completions and an improvement in goal conversion rate after just 30 days.

In fact, in less than 30 days, we’ve already seen an uptick in traffic. We anticipate this growth to significantly increase over the next six months.

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