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Project Overview

Increase in Revenue
Growth in Keyword Rankings
Increase in Organic Traffic
Business Type eCommerce
Project Goals Website and Content Optimization

Project Overview

It’s crucial to maintain a strong digital presence when customers exclusively interact with your business on the web. That’s a reality every eCommerce company has to face, as they live in a fiercely competitive realm of online businesses.

A certain eCommerce business sought to improve its online interface with an updated website, hoping it would be more user friendly. Although their new site looked and functioned better, their traffic took a hit. They realized they’d failed to consider the SEO tactics required to recover from the dip in organic traffic and SERP rankings that naturally come with a site migration. And so the partnership with Big Leap began with the goal to recover their traffic and bring in better conversions, sessions, and keyword rankings.

Together, we wanted to create a seamless user experience. With detailed and valuable content on all of the pages we touched, the implementation of strong linking structures, and a focus on brand authority, the client was able to see a 225% increase in revenue.


Our Strategy

After extensive research and some careful planning, we immediately went to work to bring traffic back to our client through a focused, three-part strategy.

Data-Driven Webpage Optimization

A good eCommerce business has a comprehensive selection of products and services to provide their customers with plenty of options. Our client was no different, which offered the unique challenge of figuring out where the best place was to start. To do so, we tracked the performance of pages from before the website’s update to see which were the previous top performers. From there we created a strategy that included the pages that had the most opportunity for SEO improvement to supply our client with both quick and long-lasting results.

Once we identified those pages, we started placing thoroughly researched keywords into existing content and optimizing with backlinks.

Intensive Competition Analysis

As previously mentioned, the eCommerce field is incredibly competitive.

That’s why our experts wanted to know what our client’s competitors were talking about. We looked at questions these companies were attempting to answer, how they structured their content, and what information they chose to provide. This exhaustive research fueled the next piece in our strategy: content creation.

Relentless Content Creation

After optimizing dozens of webpages and investigating exactly what competitors were doing, we launched an intense content strategy. We created content based on new keywords and term opportunities we discovered. We also focused efforts on a customer-centric approach. We tried to address as many customer inquiries as possible. And as the campaign progressed, we didn’t let up on our focus, always searching for new content opportunities to ensure a steady stream of valuable content. After all, SEO is all about consistency.

At the beginning of the campaign, we initially saw a 225% increase in organic revenue. But with COVID-19 making a lot of people take a greater interest in online shopping, we’ve seen a total of 1,017% increase in organic revenue.


The Results

We set a goal to reach two very specific KPIs within three months. While it was ambitious, with our intensive content-generation and optimization efforts, we delivered. On top of that, organic daily sessions grew by 80% in four months.

revenue growth

At the beginning of the campaign, we initially saw a 225% increase in organic revenue. But with COVID-19 making a lot of people take a greater interest in online shopping, we’ve seen a total of 1,017% increase in organic revenue.

Following the same trend, we saw a 47% growth in keyword ranking improvement, which increased to 363% after the COVID-19 outbreak. Keywords ranking in the top three search results increased by 28%.

keyword ranking growth

Make Your Comeback with Big Leap

It’s easy to fall behind the competition with organic search, but working with Big Leap means you’ll never have to worry about that again. Our experts stay updated with the latest trends and algorithms to keep your organic reach working like it should. So contact us today to stay on top of your competition.

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