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Project Overview

New Facebook Impressions
Increase in ROAS
Growth in Pinterest Followers
Industry eCommerce, Food and Beverage
Value Provided Increased online impressions and purchases
Project Overview

Do you have thousands of social media followers but low engagement? Are you active on your page but getting no purchases?

One of our social clients faced the same challenges. They had their fair share of followers but were struggling to get any engagement. No engagement meant very little online purchases from their social platforms. They had worked with paid ads specialists to remedy their issues, but these specialists failed to deliver lasting results. Through a recommendation from another business, this eCommerce company the guidance of a digital marketing agency. Enter Big Leap.  

Once we came on board, we executed organic social strategies that gave our client the long-term results they were looking for. Find out how we managed to improve their return-on-ad spend by 2500%. You can also contact us today to find out more about our services.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Since this eCommerce company was primarily concerned about their social channels, we focused all of our efforts on coming up with the best social media marketing strategy. We realized a business in this industry needed to create eye-catching content. But in order to know what kind of content to create, we had to do some testing first.

Boosted Social Posts

Before we could confidently push their products, we first needed to learn which of our client’s brands and products got the most attention. To do that, we used the boost feature on Facebook. We paid to elevate their online reviews, product images, and animated graphics to increase their overall purchases. After three months of constantly boosting posts, we were able to determine which products led to the most purchases.

Focused Conversion Campaigns

With that new knowledge, we started to prioritize those products by moving away from boosted social posts in favor of conversion campaigns.

Conversion campaigns work by creating graphics that call out specific value points. 

In the case of this eCommerce company, we targeted value points like “gift baskets under $100” and “buy the good stuff in bulk.” These two examples offer value to customers looking for affordable gifts and to avid bakers who go through bulk ingredients, respectively.

If we found that a campaign was doing well, we’d inject a little bit more money and extend it by a few days. This ensured we reached our audience of professional and home bakers.

Implemented More Animated Graphics

While we experimented with animated graphics for our boosted posts, we discovered they returned significantly better results than static images. For example, on Pinterest, an animated graphic we posted attracted 7,460 views and was saved 16 times. Meanwhile, a static image we posted was seen by a measly nine people. So, we moved away from static images almost completely, increasing animated graphics to be roughly 90% of our client’s Pinterest content.

“Working on this client’s account has been fun! We have learned so much about the brand and how to run successful paid campaigns for them. It’s been really cool to watch the numbers improve month over month and we look forward to continued growth and learning.”


The Results

Since we started working with this eCommerce company in July of 2020, we’ve helped them reach a 2500% return-on-ad spend. That meant a total of 104 purchases, 56 of which were purchased in October alone. The growth we achieved in just a couple of months was phenomenal.

Meanwhile, the conversion campaigns and boosted posts increased their Facebook page impressions by 171,988. 

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And with the help of those engaging animated graphics, their Pinterest audience grew by 72%, attracting more than 144,00 impressions since the start of the campaign. With such a quick increase in visibility, we expect purchase volume to continue to climb as we continue to post, boost, and test.

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Get a Taste for Victory with Big Leap

Virtually everyone is on social media. So if you want to reach your audience, you better know how to reach them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or anywhere else they may be.

You could do all of this marketing research on your own, or you could leave it to the professionals. With Big Leap, we can help you acquire a social media following that boosts engagement and your bottom line. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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