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Rob Hughes
Paid Search Analyst
Rob Hughes is a Paid Search Analyst at Big Leap who enjoys the creative aspect of online paid advertising. In his free time, Rob is a 3x Intramural Champion, a 17x Intramural Loser, and an avid climber of local mountains.

Running a Smarter Shopping Campaign: 6 Strategies for Success


Many people falsely assume that every service in the Google AdWords product suite will behave in essentially the same fashion. The truth is that each individual product line found in AdWords (Search, Display, Video, Shopping, etc.) is completely different, and each needs to be optimized using completely different methods.

For instance, the tactics and insights used […]

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PPC for SaaS Companies: 8 Game-Changing Tips for PPC Organization & Strategy

Running paid search for a SaaS company has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges, much like any product or vertical. No two PPC campaigns are quite the same and there is no single magic path that leads to universal optimization nirvana. However, through years of working with SaaS companies we’ve put together this […]

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[RECAP] “Let’s Get Analytical” with Tim Eyre and Jeff Sauer – SLC|SEM

Digital marketers from all over Utah met at the Adobe Headquarters in Lehi, Utah on Wednesday to perfect their skills and learn more about the importance of data and analytics. Jeff Sauer, founder of the Jeffalytics Blog, and our very own COO, Tim Eyre, presented at this SLC|SEM event.

Tim started the night off by challenging […]

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How Paid Advertising Can Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Let’s assume you’ve just written an incredible piece of content. Congratulations, you’ve done it. You’ve written the most amazing, witty, awe-inspiring article ever imagined. Angels weep over this content. It’s informative, it’s funny, it’s memorable and the world should know about it. Nay, the world needs to know about it.

With nervous trepidation and hopeful aplomb, […]

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How Does PPC Work with My SEO Strategy?

Paid Search and organic search engine optimization are sometimes viewed as two completely different practices. While that might technically be true, it’s good to remember just how entwined they are with each other. PPC and SEO are less like partners in your marketing family and more like siblings or even congenital twins! The yin to […]

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How Does Google Determine Ad Rank For Paid Search?

The basic concept of what PPC is can be very simple to explain. At its most basic, PPC with Google Adwords is giving Google a few bucks to let you cut in line. The value of a solid SEO campaign cannot be understated, but it can take time. Using Adwords lets you get results […]

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Google Partners: The New Agency PPC Program

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of working with a Google product, it’s that Google is free to pretty much change anything they want, whenever they want to change it. Some of these changes are welcome and exciting (Hummingbird) while others are more puzzling and received with rage trepidation (Enhanced Campaigns).

So when Google […]

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Google's Project Re:Brief – Old Advertising Is Made New Again

Internet advertising turns 18 years old in 2013. While this might be cause to celebrate for advertisers, many users are simply bored with it and becoming increasingly smarter at finding ways to opt out of Internet ads. Enter Google’s new campaign Re:Brief.

Re:Brief aims to re-envision some of the most captivating print and television ads from […]

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Breaking Down the New Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

One thing that’s pretty obvious about Google is that they are pretty much free to do whatever they want. We see this time and time again with its search algorithm. Just when things start to get comfortable, Google will throw everything upside down with a fresh update to Panda.

The world of paid search sometimes suffers […]

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Google+ Is Now the Second Largest Social Network

According to a recent quarterly study by Globalwebindex, Google+ has leapfrogged both Twitter and YouTube to become the world’s second largest social network. Take a moment and let that sink in.

The very social network that so many people dubbed as a “ghost town” is now riding shotgun to the mighty Facebook. The biggest question that […]

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