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Megan Rothey
Megan is an Digital Marketing Manager at Big Leap who loves coming up with strategies that help businesses grow. She has a fondness for SEO since that was her focus when she entered the digital marketing industry. She is a board games master, a tennis enthusiast, and she adores her husband.

End of the Year SEO Reporting


As we are coming up on the end of the year, marketing managers should be thinking about what to include in the end of the year report. This is a great opportunity to take a step back, evaluate the year, and present more data and more visually appealing data than your typical monthly report would […]

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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your BuzzStream Account?

BuzzStream. By now, you have heard of it and are mostly likely using it, but are you getting the most out of this link building CRM?

The main goal of BuzzStream is to make the link building process more efficient. It allows you to store prospects all in one place, it gathers relevant prospect site/contact information, […]

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5 Tools to Better Motivate Employees

Managers all over the world struggle every day to motivate their employees to work harder and perform at the highest level possible. Last year, Forbes published an article listing the top motivating factors for employees according to a survey of over 200,000 employees from over 500 organizations. They found these to be the top six […]

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Should I Hire One Digital Marketing Company to Do My SEO, PPC, and Social Media?

SEO. PPC. Social Media. These are completely different things, right?

Well, they each have unique components, and they each require a specific kind of expertise. But they are one and the same–digital marketing. You could even take it one step further and call it just marketing.

To be successful, you don’t just need SEO. You’re not going to […]

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How Much Client Involvement is Needed for a Successful SEO Campaign?

One question we get all the time as a digital marketing agency fulfilling on SEO for a wide variety of clients is “How much client involvement is needed for a successful SEO campaign?” While some clients are eager to hand over the reins and check back on our progress months later, others feel the need […]

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How Small Business Owners Can Contribute To Their Success Online

Success online is crucial to all business, but especially to small businesses with large amounts of competition. I work with many small business owners and just about every time I am on a call with one I get asked the question “What can I do to get more results?” I am pleased when clients are […]

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Google Analytics Certification Study Tips and Resources

Passing the Google Individual Qualification (IQ) tests can be daunting and difficult task, especially if you are an SEO beginner. I recently passed the Google Analytics IQ Test and want to share my experience so you can be better prepared. As I was studying I was reading articles that contained various resources and tips, that […]

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Designing a Landing Page

Thanksgiving has now passed and the Christmas shopping has begun. People are searching for the best deals and are purchasing more than they have all year. Online advertising can be a great tool in order to get the word out about your special offers and landing pages can be a great tool to help those […]

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The Impact of Quoting on Your Original Content

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the importance of quality content. Part of this post described the importance of having completely unique content. Google has enforced the idea that websites which contribute new information are more valuable to users by ranking websites higher when they have original content.
Can we still use quotes?
Due to […]

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The Negative Effect of Cheap Content on your SEO Campaign

Many businesses are seriously impacted by the Internet, and specifically by search rankings. As they begin to understand the value of ranking well they come to search engine optimization companies, like us, looking for help.

The enthusiasm businesses have for SEO may not have been as high when they bought their website so quality content wasn’t produced. […]

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