Michael Angel

Michael Angel

Content Writer

Expertise: Future technologies, AI, software development, blockchain, recording arts, audio sciences

Education: University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University


  • Writer for more than a decade
  • Musician, audio engineer, visual artist, and recording software designer for over three decades
  • Author of numerous articles for clients in highly technical industries
  • Teller of bad jokes


Michael has been a writer for over a decade. He enjoys a challenge, whether it’s a white paper or a long-form deep dive into the philosophical implications of future technologies. He has a history of over three decades in the music industry in composition, audio mastering, mix-engineering, and audio software development.

Michael has long been interested in technical topics and their underlying impact on (and implications for) society. He enjoys the opportunity to breathe creativity and introspection into a client’s story when the option allows and takes great interest in writing about topics like:

  • AI and machine learning (ML)
  • The inner-workings of technical industries
  • SEO marketing, especially as it involves strategy
  • Blockchain and digital finance
  • Disruptive tech
  • DevOps and Agile methodology
  • Dad jokes to make the creative team (hopefully) laugh

He has enjoyed the opportunity to write about many of these topics since joining Big Leap in 2022 and has his eye on a fulfilling future with them. He sees Big Leap as an innovator in SEO marketing, and writing for them has taught Michael the tremendous value of writing as part of a caring team of creatives in place of the usual tradition of introspection and isolation.

His life journey has allowed Michael to tour as a musician worldwide, run a small independent record label, recording studio, and publishing company, and sell his original paintings to private customers around the world, including works in two museums.

His work in audio mastering led to several years of developing his line of audio recording software and working as a senior design engineer and audio history consultant.

Four constants have remained through his years of these shifting roles:

  1. His faith
  2. His wife, Sharon
  3. A love for the recording arts
  4. The joy of writing, both freelance and now full time


Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature, with a triple minor in visual art, music, and psychology.

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