About Kevin Toney

Kevin Toney is an aspiring business mind that is passionate about accomplishing the goals he has set for himself. He loves data, and is very interested to see how it influences decision making. When he is not working, he loves to make friends and to be outdoors.

Do Digital Marketing Like a Statistician

What’s your opinion about statistics? Too often I think stats gets a bad reputation, either being regarded as too complicated or not useful enough. I need to tell you this: you can understand the basic principles of stats, and they will make a huge impact on your digital marketing efforts.   Why is Statistics Important [...]

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Which CRO Test Should I Run?

When you’re thinking of CRO, conversion rate optimization, it may seem like it’s an intimidating topic to go into. You may think, “where should I start?” That’s because there are a lot of different test setups (A/A, Multivariate, A/B, A/B/A, or Cross-Browser/Device testing to name a few) that you could use, and a lot of [...]

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