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Darin Brooks
SEO Specialist at Big Leap
Darin is an SEO specialist at Big Leap, learning the ways of SEO and digital marketing from the pros. He spends his days waiting for a reply from his outreach efforts.

3 Digital Marketing Lessons for PR

As much as some try to put digital marketing and PR into the same category, they’re not quite the same thing. They are two separate strategies often serve the same goal: to increase brand awareness and thereby increase the bottom line.

I graduated with a degree in public relations, but found the digital marketing industry exciting and […]

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How Companies like Pluralsight are Using Creativity to Succeed

As an intern at Big Leap, I have the unique privilege to spend part of my day learning in the classroom and part of my day learning on the job. As I begin my career, I am learning the real-world value of a lot of things that I was asked to do in school. In […]

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4 Essential Outreach Questions from Nigerian Prince Scammers

Sorry, email outreach is here to stay. Even with constant innovations in communication methods we still all use it every day. Business happens through mail, not through social media.

Unfortunately, most email trash bins are full of impersonal emails that are poorly written and demand time, money, and attention that we don’t have or don’t want […]

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