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Dan Posner
Vice President of Business Development
Dan is the VP of Business Development at Big Leap and was the former president of digital marketing agency Leadgenix. Dan is originally from Connecticut, and in his spare time, he enjoys coaching his kid's 4-5 year-old soccer team.

The Importance of Great Communication in Business & 3 Ways to Improve It


I don’t know who initially told this story, but I remember hearing it in my youth. Please let me know where the credit should go if anybody knows.

A father and his young son were out in the garage getting it cleaned out for spring. The boy eventually tired of cleaning and wanted to play in […]

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4 Tips for Successfully Onboarding Clients


Over the years, if I’ve learned anything in the world of digital marketing it’s that change is the only constant. No two partnerships are exactly alike, which creates both excitement and a fun challenge each time we onboard a new client at Big Leap.

Through the sales process, one question keeps popping up:
How will communication […]

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Improve Client Calls Instantly With These 5 Tips

Every day I spend hours chatting on the phone with current clients, prospective clients, contacts, partners, and friends—and I love it! A big part of the digital marketing business has very little to do with the internet, and everything to do with your rapport on the phone.

Some people think you have to be a “natural” […]

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Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Algorithm

On April 21, 2015 Google will be updating its search algorithm with a new algorithm designed specifically to focus on mobile search results. Mobile device usage has been on the rise ever since the early 2000’s and now device usage is prevalent enough in search results that Google has decided it’s time to step in […]

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Diving into Internet Marketing

SMACK. The sound my 5-year-old body made as I jumped off the high dive and belly flopped on the water surface.

SLAP. The sound of my mother’s hand striking the back of my head for 1) scaring her half to death, and 2) being an idiot.

HMMMPF. The sound of defiance as I stomped back toward the […]

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Taking Instagram to a New Height

With a confused look on my face, I scratched my head in puzzlement to a friends mocking remark about Instagram being the tool of the Hipster. I countered his statement by saying, “What are you talking about, I use Instagram all the time.”

There was no need to reiterate how I am in no way a […]

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