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Brett is a rapacious learner seeking to know the ropes and conquer each crux the dynamic PPC world brings. He also enjoys rock climbing.

The RLSA-Focused AdWords Strategy for SaaS Companies

What portion of your PPC budget are you spending on Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) right now? Here’s the important follow up question: why that amount? The purpose of this post is to convince you to spend as much as possible on those RLSA campaigns -- even if that means pausing many of your [...]

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Optimizing SEO With PPC

Let’s start off with a pop quiz. Pop Quiz: I’ve removed the symbol in the ad below. For the search term “insurance”, choose which of the two listings below is an ad. Quickly now! To the average person searching this, and even at a quick glance from a seasoned digital marketer, the listings look very [...]

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More Functionality with “Drafts” Button in AdWords

Google’s recent removal of right side ads and replacement of some better looking knowledge graphs may have got some paid search teams shaking in their boots. Thankfully, we can take hope in some of the improvements to the Drafts and Experiments functionality that is being slowly rolled out currently. Do you recall the link at the [...]

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