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What is Schema Markup and How Can It Help Your SEO?

As you work hard on your website, you obviously want to make sure that you are not only giving your site’s visitors the most information you can, but you also want to make sure that Google knows what is included on your webpage.

Imagine walking into the shampoo/conditioner aisle of the grocery store and all the […]

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Google Sitemaps: Why are Sitemaps Important?

What are sitemaps?

A sitemap is a list of all the pages on a website that you present to search engines. This sitemap gives search engines like Google a clear idea of what pages you have available for them to index. Think of your website as a restaurant and your site’s web pages as dishes available […]

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What is Fetch & Render with Googlebot?

When working on building up the best website, you think so much about what your audience wants and needs. If you’re an e-commerce site you try and make your descriptions as optimized as possible while simultaneously providing information on how great your product is. If you’re an information site, you try to make your site […]

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