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Automotive SEO Case Study with Roswell Infiniti

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Project Overview

Increase in Keywords Ranking
Keywords Ranking in Top 3
Featured Snippets
Website https://www.roswellinfiniti.com/
Industry B2C – Car Dealership
Value Provided  Increased keyword ranking and website traffic
Project Overview

When looking for a digital marketing agency to promote a business, people usually look for two critical factors: an agency that properly communicates and an agency that can deliver on promises. Roswell INFINITI, a car dealership based near Atlanta, GA, wanted to find an agency that could do exactly that. 

After working for a few years with another digital marketing agency that brought lackluster results, Roswell INFINITI searched for a change. In July of 2019, they came across Big Leap. 

After reviewing our track record of being flexible and communicative and providing measurable results, they hired us to improve their online traffic and conversion rates. Read on to find out how Big Leap managed to double their keyword rankings. You can also contact us to find out how we could do the same for your company.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

As usual, we started our analysis and strategy with keyword research. From that, we found numerous opportunities we could capitalize on to bring Roswell INFINITI’s rankings to the top of the search results page.

Capitalized on Search Volume

Since Roswell INFINITI serves the great Atlanta, GA area, that opened the opportunity to target geographic-specific keywords for each of those serviceable locations. This led us to bring Roswell INFINITI’s total keyword rankings from 768 to over 1,550. With that opportunity, combined with the number of people in that area looking for a car, we knew the potential search volume for those target keywords would be massive.

Created Unique Location Pages

With Roswell INFINITI’s numerous service areas in mind, we created location pages for every city they wanted to target. For example, we built pages to specifically target Alpharetta, Norcross, and Dunwoody, GA. This would give Roswell INFINITI better local SEO rankings. 

Captured Featured Snippets

Featured snippets allow customers to get an accessible answer to their search queries. And when it comes to car buyers, they want to know how one car’s features and ratings compare to another. So, we developed blog posts to target featured snippets with these kinds of search queries.

“We selected Big Leap based on recommendation. After interviewing them, reviewing their action plan and pricing, we felt they were a good fit. [Big Leap] has been very great to work with. They make an effort to get to know you and to prioritize your company’s goals.”


The Results

Before Big Leap started this campaign, Roswell INFINITI was ranking for about 770 total keywords, with 35 of those being in the top three on Google’s first search results page. We managed to double both of those numbers to more than 1550 total ranking keywords, with 77 of those ranking in the top three on Google’s first search result page.

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When it comes to those featured snippets we targeted, Roswell INFINITI is currently ranking for seven of them. And those snippets have had a direct positive impact on their website traffic—the comparison blog posts were responsible for a lot of the traffic gained to their website. Here is an example of a featured snippet comparing two different INFINITI models:

featured snippet infiniti

While COVID-19 has certainly caused challenges, the effects from keyword rankings, featured snippets, and comparison blog posts have been overwhelmingly positive.

Drive Up Your Web Traffic with Big Leap

We knew that local rankings could bring a huge victory for this client. With proper communication and a lot of hard work, Big Leap helped Roswell INFINITI meet their marketing goals and more. 

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that is backed by years of experience and delivered-on promises, then Big Leap is the agency for you. Contact our experts today to see what we can do for your business.

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