As an SEO Specialist, I don’t work much with social media platforms. My job is to create high quality links for my clients, among other things. But in today’s world of digital marketing, you can’t do SEO without Social Media. Although incorporating social media into your SEO campaign may not give immediate results, it’s doing your work for tomorrow.

These 4 steps will help you understand why you need to incorporate social media into your SEO campaign

1. Social Links Can Boost Your Search Rank

Say you create a great, high-quality piece of content that peeks people’s interest. Now you want people to see it, read it, and share it. You can use your social media platforms to get more awareness of that content. Assuming your content is authoritative enough, it will encourage more external sites to link to your content and share it, which will give you more authority in Google’s eyes. Google said in Danny Sullivan’s 2010 interview that “Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index, and so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it then we can return that in our search results.” You also have to keep in mind that social media profiles rank in search engines. Social profiles can have high domain authorities and can rank for keywords.

2. Social Media Channels Are Search Engines Too

In today’s world, almost everybody uses social media. In fact, people think you’re weird if you don’t use it. So it’s only natural that people are using social media platforms as search engines. Instead of googling something to look it up, people will search for brands on Facebook or Twitter. So companies should understand that SEO includes social search engines. In 2015, Facebook got over 1.5 billion search queries per day. So make sure that your profile is easily searchable on social platforms and that users can easily identify that it’s your official profile.

3. Social Media Can Direct Traffic For SEO

Going back to point #1, if you create a popular piece of content and share it on your social media profiles, it can bring a huge amount of traffic. This can increase your branding and can help you gain exposure. Many people look to social media for information and if they find what they are looking for on your profile it can result in valuable links that help improve rankings.

4. Followers Influence Rankings

Say you have 400 followers on Twitter. You won’t receive the same ranking bonus of a company that has 100,000 followers. But keep in mind that Google can see the quality of the followers you have too, so having 100 high quality followers is way more beneficial than 500 proxy followers.

Integrating social media into your SEO campaign isn’t difficult. It all starts with great content. Let me give an example:

Let’s say you are doing SEO and you’re a company that sells insurance. You want more traffic to your site and to promote specifically your auto insurance. So you start creating great content for their blog and find a voice that works. Let’s say you write a blog post about “7 Reasons Why Auto Insurance is Important” (for this example let’s say this blog post is amazing and everyone loves it) then you post it on the blog and share it through your social media platforms. Everybody engages with your social post and retweets, shares and likes it. This gets the post to be seen by more people and if people are sharing it, they are linking to it. (Which boosts your search rank and will create more traffic to your site.)

Then because that post is being shared so frequently people will see who wrote it and then search for you site on their social media to learn more about you and hopefully click to your website and purchase auto insurance from you (creating a higher search rank for your site.) Then with high authority content people will see you as a leader in the industry, thus following you on your social platforms and in turn will likely make you an authority in google’s eyes.

All in all, social media is extremely important to improving your SEO campaign.


Jen Outram
Jen is a SEO Specialist at Big Leap