For all the things that people make SEO out to  be, sometimes they tend to over complicate it. However, for those of you that might feel a bit overwhelmed, I am going to break this down into three basic categories for you; the ABC’s of SEO.

A – Anatomy – This is likely the most technical step in the entire process. Here you need to go through and make sure that your site is optimized, meaning that your site is laid out in the way that the crawler bots like. I won’t go into the specific as this can be a lengthy process but many step by step guides exist.

B – Backlinking – Now that your site is sound on the back end, next comes the fun part;the part that will give you the seemingly biggest payoff. When the Google/Yahoo/Bing bots go through and crawl the internet, you want them to give your site as much credibility as possible because the credibility enables you to rank higher. You do this by establishing links to your site from various other sites on the internet. The two easiest methods are via submitting to online directories and blogging sites. You should get links back to your site as much as possible, but the rule of thumb on this matter is that it should seem natural and not spamy; so you need to find a balance.

As you build up these links you will see your website begin to shoot up through the ranks (relatively speaking, it depends on how competitive your key phrases are).

C – Content – Ok, so now your site’s back end is in shape and you have a good number of links coming back to your site, what now? Well your objective at this point (from an SEO perspective) is to keep the various search engines bots coming back to your site. You do this by making sure you have good content frequently added to your site. At first the bots will come every once in a while, but when they “see” that your site is frequently updated they will come by more frequently, which ultimately will lend your site even more credibility, thus ranking you even higher.

“Now [you] know your ABC’s… of SEO


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director