Small Businesses CAN Afford SEO!

One of the top SEO news resources, Search Engine Land, recently ran an article asking the questions: Can Small Businesses Really Afford SEO? Many SEO Consultants or firms will tell you that if you can’t budget at least $500 per month for an SEO budget, you can’t afford SEO. The truth is SEO is an investment in many ways; a financial investment, a time investment and a wonderful investment in your business. So the big answer…YES, small businesses can afford SEO and should make it a priority in their budget. […]

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Get Your Business Listed for Local Searches

If you operate a small, medium or large business you probably want to show up when someone searches for your local area and your type of business. For example: If you were a dentist in Provo, you will want to show up in the top search engine results page for the search term “Provo dentist”. How do you show up for that search term? Well, there are books and advice that could keep you busy for months teaching you SEO techniques. Here’s one tip that is simple and just as important for businesses without websites as the ones who have sites. […]

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Local Search Statistics

One of the largest groups still ignoring online marketing and SEO are smaller, local businesses and professional services. The irony in this is that they may stand to benefit more than half of the people that are marketing their websites online! More and more people are migrating away from the standard Yellow Pages and searching for businesses online. In fact, some studies report that up to 70% of shoppers begin on the Internet with their favorite search engine; which happens to be Google pulling in 30% of all local searches. There are a few local professions that are very common to be searched for and can be very competitive. If you’re in one of these fields and haven’t begun marketing yourself online (or even worse, don’t have a website), you’re already falling behind. […]

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