Are you an advertising agency looking to enter the lucrative world of SEO? Do you want to provide PPC and social media services to your clients, without having to hire and train an in-house team?

Working with a white label marketing partner is one possible solution with many benefits. When you hire a white label digital marketing partner, you’re basically hiring an outside company to fulfill on all your SEO, social media, and PPC needs, under the banner of your company’s brand. They handle your digital marketing, and you mark up their services and offer them to your clients as your own, taking home a considerable profit.

Sounds like a win-win for everybody, but finding a white label partner that is right for your agency can be a challenge. Their services should align seamlessly with your business philosophy in order to be effective. They have to be completely on board with your goals, capable of presenting themselves as one with your agency.

To forge a white label partnership that will benefit you both for years to come, look for the following characteristics.

Experience Working as a White Label Partner

Make sure they’ve worked as a white label partner before. Just because someone’s done digital marketing doesn’t mean they’ll be a good white label partner.

Working as a white label digital marketing partner has its own set of unique challenges:

  • Knowing how to preemptively ask the right questions to your partner to pass along to the client
  • Preparing the client for potentially hard questions that could come up when you’re not around
  • Developing a pricing option that allows the partner to mark up the prices for their margin while still delivering a product that makes sense for the upgraded price
  • Creating complex online strategies that complement all of the existing work the partner is currently doing.

The right white label partner will have a strong track record of providing effective white label services while maintaining sensitivity to their partner’s overall goals.

Clear and Consistent Communication

Communication may be the single most important aspect of marketing fulfillment, white label or otherwise. When your white label partner is good at communication, it helps you feel confident that the client is being taken care of.

Effective communication fuels the entire process. Your partner should be capable of providing status updates so your client feels taken care of. They need to be good at asking questions and answering your questions in a timely manner. All of this is designed to be proactive in identifying and addressing potential issues, so problems can be remedied quickly and effectively.

When looking for a white label partner, don’t forget to ask yourself; Are they easy to work with? Are they pleasant and helpful over the phone and in all correspondence?

After all, wouldn’t you rather work with someone with whom you enjoy doing business?


If someone tells you that they know all there is to know about internet marketing, they’re lying. There’s only one thing that’s consistent in SEO, social media, and PPC, and that’s change. Because of this constant change, it’s vital that your white label partner understands the importance of continually educating themselves on the evolving tactics and nuances of digital marketing. This allows you to set better expectations with the client, and it enables you to bring in more business because you can be confident in your partner’s abilities.

Transparency is important not only when it comes to education, but also for your partner’s internal processes. They should be open to sharing the inner workings of their business with you, in order to create a better product for your clients. There needs to be a high level of collaboration between vendor and partner, which is also another reason why communication is so important.

Meaningful Marketing Reporting

Good reporting is an essential component in any marketing plan, and it should be no different for your white label partner. You want them to track their progress using the most useful metrics available. When it comes to white label SEO, your partner should be continually tracking industry-specific KPI’s such as:

  • Site traffic
  • Traffic sources/channels
  • Bounce rate
  • Leads generated

With effective communication and transparency, your white label partner will be able to collaborate and strategize with you to determine the best metrics to report on. In the end, you’ll be unified with your white label partner, although your clients will only see you and assume that you’re doing all the great work!

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Adam Fifield
Content Marketing Manager
Adam Fifield is the Content Marketing Manager at Big Leap. His background is in journalism, and you'll find him playing jazz piano in various Salt Lake City saloons and speakeasies until closing time. Connect with Adam on Twitter: @adamonthekeys