Twitter has made it incredibly easy to connect your account with your Facebook Page. Doing so will automatically share your tweets on Facebook or your Facebook posts on Twitter.  Although this may seem like a great idea because it cuts back on the work you need to do, there are some major downfalls to this strategy.

If you are thinking about connecting your business Twitter and Facebook accounts, please read through this post to find out why it may not be the best idea for you!

Facebook and Twitter are Optimized for Different Content

By simply looking at a Tweet vs. a Facebook post you can see that there are major differences. Facebook posts are optimized for images and videos much better than Twitter is. Although posting an image on Twitter is a great idea, when that tweet is automatically shared to Facebook, the picture is much smaller and a link is created to take a viewer to the full photo. This looks spammy and tacky.

Tweet with picture shared on Facebook vs. Picture shared directly on Facebook

Tweet with picture shared on Facebook vs. Picture shared directly on Facebook

A similar thing happens when it comes to links. Facebook provides link previews which allow you to delete the actual link from the text of your post. When a tweet with a link is automatically shared on Facebook both the link and the link preview remain which also looks spammy and tacky.

Tweet with a Link shared to Facebook

Tweet with a Link shared to Facebook

Posting Frequency

The amount of times you share content a day should vary on Facebook and Twitter. It is acceptable to tweet 10-20 times a day while you should only post on Facebook 1-2 times a day. There are two main reasons for this difference.

  1. You are connected to many more people on Twitter than you are on Facebook. It is likely that you have more followers and are following more people on Twitter which means that your content will be seen by a wider number of people. Also people are accustomed to seeing multiple tweets a day because of the character limit.
  2. A tweet takes up less space than a Facebook Post in a news feed. Posting too frequently on Facebook will clog up a friend’s feed and will likely annoy them.

If your tweets are being automatically shared on Facebook every time you tweet, your Facebook timeline will be too full and it is likely that your followers will block you. The key to Facebook is posting quality content at the right time of day while the key to Twitter is sharing enough information that it is seen by a large number of people.

Remember that as a business your goal for Social Media is to gain the trust of your followers through interaction and clever marketing. In order to gain that trust, your followers need to feel like they are interacting with a real person, not an automated account and linking Twitter and Facebook accounts will make you seem automated. Take the time to post on each network separately and with the right kind of content. Doing so will help you gain the trust that you are looking for!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director