All good SEO Engineers know that you should avoid Black Hat SEO. Also known as unethical search engine optimization, this type of SEO is defined as group of activities that are used to obtain higher search rankings in an unethical manner. Several unethical SEO practices include:

  • Breaking search engine policies and regulations
  • Buying links from services that propose to boost your ranking
  • Causing unfriendly user experience due to the unethical implementations on websites
  • Presenting a Website’s visual or non-visual content in an unethical way to search engine crawlers and search engine users


These unethical SEO activities usually provide short-term benefits in terms of reaching higher rankings, but if you are caught doing such activitiesUnethical SEO, you are at risk of being penalized by search engines, which is not something you can fix easily, or recover the trust of search engines. In other words, unethical SEO provides solutions which last very short time and creates negative effects in the long term. These negative effects can be seen in a poor user experience, which eventually will bring your rankings down.

What to avoid

1. Keyword Stuffing: Use long lists of ranking keywords in your website. Instead, determine the best strategy of how to choose the right keywords and key phrases for your website in an organic way.

2. Invisible Text: Add lists of keywords or key phrases in the same color of the background trying to attract search engine crawlers. Instead, try to optimize your website’s content in a way that will be attractive to users and search engine crawlers.

3. Link Buying: Buy links from high rank sites to boost your website’s ranking. Search engines, especially Google, can actually detect if your site is getting excessive higher ranking sites, or links intended to manipulate rankings, which will lead to a penalization. Instead, focus on building an organic improvement of your website ranking through a consistent search engine optimization of your website.

Although unethical SEO is tempting, you should always remember that these activities are very limited and can lead you to very negative consequences. Adopting an ethical and organic SEO strategy will help you reach higher rankings and build long-lasting benefits.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director