Old ComputerWhat would happen if we took the fast, organized, modern version of the Internet today and went back to the 1996 version. I for one would probably pick up some bad swearing habits. The internet has come a long way in the last 15 years, helping to revolutionize the way we live. Things like eCommerce and Social Media have taken over the internet world. Below is a list of infographics comparing the 1996 version of the “World Wide Web” to today’s version.

American Internet Users

Back in the year 1996 there were only 20 million internet users in the United States. Fast forward 15 years and that number has Duodecupled (meaning increased by 12 of course). There are now over 245 million internet users in America, totaling about 80% of all people living in the United States.

Average Web Usage of American

In 1996 the average American web usage for a month long period was 1/2 hour. That internet statistic is probably exceeded in a single day by most internet users today. In the present year of 2011 the average American web usage has reached 27 hours a month. I think you can say we use the internet a bit more today than we did back then.

Average Page Load Time

15 years ago you were waiting at least 30 seconds for a webpage to load, if not longer. That kind of wait time today would be a source of torture.  The time has now been cut down to no longer than 6 seconds, and most of the time a webpage is loaded within the blink of an eye.

Most Popular Sitesaol1996

This internet statistic is measured in the percentage of internet users reached. Back in 1996 the number 1 website was AOL.com. It was closely followed by Webcrawler.com, Netscape.com, and Yahoo.com. Now a days the Internet is ruled by Google.com, Yahoo sites, Microsoft Sites, and of course Facebook.com.

Times have definitely changed. It’s always fun to think back on those early internet days. Let us know of some of the early internet memories you have.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director