It is vital to understand the underlying concepts involved in copywriting to produce excellent copy.  The purpose of copy is to draw a reader in and persuade them to do something, whether it is buying a product or changing their opinion. For a reader to reach the call to action at the end of an article, they have to choose to continue reading after they see the headline.

The headline and first sentence are the luscious worms on the end of a hook. They are what draws a reader’s curiosity.  This is why a concise, strong, and captivating headline is vital to good copywriting.

The content found on a web page is not supposed to be a descriptive novel. Readers value their time and want to get the information they want as quickly as possible and continue on their way. They do not have enough time to wade through fluff and boring content to get to what they are searching for. Copy should be designed around the audience.

If the copy is properly tailored to the audience, they will be motivated to continue reading. The subject should connect with the headline that drew them in, otherwise they will also stop reading the article. Once they move past the headline to the first paragraph, a skillful copywriter will promise another tantalizing piece of information to come later on. This strategy effectively keeps the reader on the web page and they may reach the call to action located near the end.

In SEO copywriting it is also important to include keyword phrases. However, the Search Engines also base the quality and relevance of a web page on what others think of the site. As a result, a copywriter has to gain the trust of the readers so that they will come back or link to the page. The word choice of a copywriter can have a humongous impact on what others think of the site and how much they are willing to trust the site. If readers trust the site, it will reflect on the Search Engine page ranking.

As with so many other activities, copy writing takes practice. The more that one practices, the better they are likely to become. It may take a while, but it will be worth the time and effort.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director